Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hey there good lookin'.

Chubby cheeks you can't resist.

Wearing my daddy's old pajamas.

Ready to go to daycare early one morning.

Grandma shows me the outside world.

Story of my life lately. Breathing treatments.

You'd think they could get me a hookah or something.

Seeing my first rainbow.

Family night out.

Grandpa's so fun!

I might be needing a haircut soon.


Two Hands said...


The Blatchford Family said...

Have you ever seen a baby looking that cute before with a mask on his face? I sure haven't! What a handsome little guy!!

PurpleDogMommy said...

Awww, loved these...nice to see the whole family, too!

Robbie must be the most good-natured little boy daughter would be pitching an ungodly fit if she had breathing treatments at that age (or even now). You are doing something right, Momma!

Anonymous said...

cutest chubber!

Trish said...

purpledogmommy- I wish I could take credit, but I think we're just very, very blessed. He's *SO* good natured.
I like to think it's God's way of giving us a break since he's high maintenance in pretty much every other way. *LOL*

Maureen said...

I love the picture of Robbie wearing the I love Mommy shirt! He is absolutely adorable!

Malloryn said...

Awwww, he is adorable!!! :)

e.b. said...

o hai, Ian has that brown Mommy Loves Me onesie! Yay for matching!

Amy said...

Sorry I haven't been by lately; I still keep forgetting to check Google Reader! But I love these pics. :)