Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 in Review

January 2009 was fairly quiet. Robbie had good head control but wasn't eating well, so was still pretty tiny.

February brought another trip to the hospital. This time for Failure to Thrive, as his lack of eating had caught up to him. The month was spent with an NG tube to add nutrition to his diet.

March saw another surgery. The efforts to get him to eat just weren't enough, and it was then discovered that his hiatal hernia had recurred. It was repaired (re-repaired?) and a G-tube was placed.

April brought good health and some weight gain, and the beginning of a new skill - sitting up!

May was a big one! The beginning of the month brought an end to quarantine. We visited a few attractions, some friends, and rejoiced in simple things like going to the grocery store together. The end of the month Robbie celebrated his first birthday! We celebrated with a party for about 25 friends.

June brought some more pudge to Robbie's cheeks, but also his first bought with illness. His first cold was complete with wheezing and his first ear infection. Unfortunately both have plagued him frequently ever since.

July was pretty quiet. It was Robbie's last full month home with Mom full time and we just tried to soak up the time together.

August brought many changes. Trish had to go back to work, so Robbie headed off to day care for the first time. He'd also finally seen an improvement in his reflux, which meant less puking and a massive weight gain. So much that he officially went on the first diet of his life.

September was another doctor filled month. The ear and lung infections that started earlier in the year reared their heads this month and we saw the pediatrician at least once a week for the entire month. Robbie was now officially one year old, adjusted.

October saw Robbie's second Halloween as a Kangaroo. This year he actually got to leave the house!

November is the month of Thanksgiving. This year we were grateful for a huge developmental explosion in which Robbie learned to crawl, walk with assistance, talk and sign, and began to pull up.

December saw Robbie take his first steps. They're still very hard won and no more than 2 at a time, but we can now see walking in our immediate future. And of course, Santa! Robbie must have been a very good boy this year because Santa had to pack a second sleigh for just Robbie's toys.

All in all, 2009 has been a long, exhausting, exhilarating, amazing year. We hope next year brings as much progress, but maybe with a little less drama and certainly fewer doctor visits!

Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays) to all... and to all a good night.

--Trish (and the Cox family)


Bridie said...

Happy New Year! The changes from the first pic to the las t are great - he's not a little baby anymore! Hope 2010 is good to you and that he finally gets those tubes. I was skeptical as they did nothing for Gavin, but Sam has been so much better since he got them. He's had one cold and we could see all the gross stuff drain out his ears that would otherwise have sat there getting infected!

Anonymous said...

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Amy said...

I love this! :) What great pictures and a neat review. (Now I'm inspired to do one of these myself. ;))

Two Hands said...

*shakes head in disbelief*
He never fails to amaze me. Such a wonderful boy you have there. Of course, due in no small part to your conscientious care and dedication to him.
I can't wait to see what this year brings to the Cox household!

Styxx374 said...

I wish you all the best in 2010!

Jenn said...

Happy New Year! Look at how Robbie has grown! Those are a whole lot of changes. He's almost a different kiddo. You're such a great mom, he's lucky to have you. Here's hoping 2010 brings just as many (great) changes!

Azaera said...

Aww he was so tiny in January, I had almost forgotten how small he once was!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Tasha said...

Happy New year to you too! I love how you did your year in review...he is such an amazing little boy!