Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm sure he thinks you're great too.

Robbie's therapy reports are broken into sections. The top section is for the observations of his caregivers since the last session.

Today's OT report reads:

S: Julie + Katie (caregivers) report Robbie has been whiney lately. (with the symbol for "increased" after it.) 

Man, I just love therapy reports. Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.



Anthony and Ashleys Mommy said...

every time we get evaluations done and i read the report I always get down in the dumps afterward. Its like people saying "yeah your kid sucks!" I hate them!


Searching said...

Ummm, do these ppl not work w/toddlers?!?! Morons. I'll pop them in the head for you!

Trish said...

Thanks, Searching.
He IS whiny, so I guess I can't be too offended, but geez louise.

Azaera said...

What a pain. All kids go through whiney periods, so what? That's when they need more snuggles, more understanding, more patience, etc from us. People who work in childcare *should* understand that, but I guess we get caught up in the stress of everything sometimes too. Still, why bother to put that in his OT report?? Sounds like they're complaining. Totally unnecessary. He's just being a toddler.

HazelMay said...

I wonder if it wasn't as simple as:

OT: How had Robbie been over the past X days?
CCP's: Oh, fine. He's been a little whiny, but it's probably just teeth.
OT: Oh? Would you say his whining has increased?
CCP's: Sure, but again, probably teeth (or whatever).


But that is b/c:

a) as a former preschool teacher, and I can't imagine complaining about a kid to another professional.
b) from everything else you've said about your CCP, they sound pretty awesome.

I think your OT just sucks donkey balls. Do they feel like that NEED to write something that needs to be improved upon at every visit? Like, to justify their job or something?

I do believe Z has gotten whinier every month from about many 18m on? Whenever it was she realized she could say "no". It was probably earlier than that, I have just blocked it out. She is going through a peachy phase right now.*

*sarcasm font.

Maureen said...

I don't like reading reports that are pointing out the annoying/delayed parts of my kids. It is hard to read. I know you have had issues with your OT before, maybe it is time to ask for a different therapist (I'm in the process of doing this for my son, not really getting anywhere, but then again his PT has managed to not see him since Feb).

More whining is not entirely a bad thing. It really can show that he is more interested in his environment, has stronger likes/dislikes, and has found/is finding a way to get more attention from his caregivers. It is getting that whining to something more socially acceptable (and less annoying for everyone).

My second son was HORRIBLE about whining for quite a while. Well, more like screeching. It is getting better as his verbal skills are improving. And as he is getting more of the idea that he will be sitting in the hall by himself if he continues to whine/screech, it has slowly decreased. Well, most days.

Trish said...

Maureen, it is time for a new therapist. I've been increasingly frustrated for the last 6 months, at least. I think I've finally reached my breaking point.

Amy said...

Alex is a whiny whiner. I wouldn't enjoy reading it in a report either. Blech. Hope you find a better OT!

kcoleman said...

I agree with Maureen!
Sorry the OT sucks.

Bridie said...

Man....wonder what she'd say about MY kids!

Cindy said...

Well, It really can show that he is more interested in his environment, has stronger likes/dislikes, and has found/is finding a way to get more attention from his caregivers. thanx.