Thursday, May 29, 2008

Double digits

Well, I'm now firmly in double digit territory. I remember at the beginning thinking I'd NEVER get here. And as regular readers know, I never really believed it all along, either.

Twenty six weeks.

I feel the baby a lot now. Most of the day. It's to the point that when the baby is quiet, I feel like someone suddenly shut off a fan you hadn't noticed running until it got quiet. Not that I don't notice the baby moving, but it's become so regular that it's accepted.

I still revel on the big kicks. When the baby gets into a position where my belly bounced a bit, those are my favorite. I feel like it's the baby saying hello.

Two days ago heart burn hit me HARD.

I'm actually sort of convinced that my gall bladder is acting up. I've had trouble for weeks where I've had some pain in my upper belly. Sometimes bad enough that it hurts to stand because it seems to put pressure on it. Then the heart burn set in suddenly. I had a sleepless night last night, mostly just sitting around feeling a little sorry for myself wondering what I could possibly do to help.

After several doses of tums, Mylanta & Rolaids, and after throwing up a little stomach acid, I managed to pull myself together and go to work. I was fairly uncomfortable most of the day, but it finally eased a bit in the afternoon.

It was back in the evening, but tonight I managed to eat some soup and not die, so that's improvement. I'm hoping for some more sleep tonight.

In other news, it's time for me to register. My first shower is only a few weeks away. I got a call tonight asking where I'm registered and I had to say nowhere.

I find the whole thing daunting. I have no idea how to PICK stuff. I don't even know what stuff to pick. A car seat, a stroller, a pack-n-play. What else?

A friend has offered to go with me to register and I'm grateful. But I still don't even know where to start.

I paid some attention to the big thing about car seat saftey, but don't know which finally passed muster. No one seems to just love their stroller. I know I want a pack-n-play with a full bassinet on top, but haven't even begun to look at them.

It's all just so overwhelming.

I did finally order some maternity clothes yesterday. They should be in in about a week. I'm just hoping most of it fits. I didn't even have a panic attack when I ordered them. I waited until the baby was particularly active and went for it.

I am to the point where I realize I'm really, probably having a baby. I'm not to the point where I'm relaxed. I'm not sure that will ever come. I still worry about the baby coming to soon. I'm slightly obsessed with reading stories about pre-term babies surviving. Not that I have any real reason to believe this baby is coming early, but it's the next in my long list of stuff I'm scared of, so that's where I'm at.

Big stuff happening.

I love almost all of it.



Fertilized said...

check out the book baby bargains - they have a blog also

it helped me limit my options and not feel extremely overwhelmed. I also did hte whole registering in baby steps.

Happy 26 weeks and feeling movements!

Malloryn said...

I'm glad to hear that the worrying is starting to subside. Sure, there will always be things that concern you, but things are looking really positive. Enjoy those kicks!

Barb B said...

Depending on where you register, some stores have someone who can help you with your registry. They can usually tell you the best products and help you think of things you might overlook ie getting a water resistant mattress pad for the crib, etc. Good luck and really try to enjoy yourself.

Osh said...

Sending you hugs and lots of prayers right now.

Janna said...

So many exciting things going on!! Congrats on the 26 week mark!!! I agree that registering could be a really daunting task. I haven't personally be in your shoes, but I can imagine that it would be hard to pick out everything. And then to make sure it's got high safety standards...ugh! GL!!!

feisty tourist said...

we are all madly praying for you and the little one. hope the bean gets to cook a bit longer!

Nicky said...

I'll second fertilized comment: buy the latest edition of Baby Bargains. Best baby book I own. I avoided it at first, because I thought it was going to be all bargain-hunting advice (garage sales, etc.) but it's not. It's like a giant consumer reports focused just on infant gear. I'm at 25 weeks, and also haven't registered, but this book helped me to at least feel like I know what to do when I'm ready.

Anonymous said...

Trish, Ginger here. I am praying for you and the little one today.

Just a girl in the south said...

You and your baby are in my thoughts and prayers.

Danielle said...

Big hugs Trish! We're all pulling for you two!

Jenn said...

I am pulling for you and your little one. Love you.

Tinkerham said...

Darling Trish, all 3 of you guys are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

trish - its JDD. You and bean are in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Hang in there

Katie said...

Hey Trish,
I'm praying for you and the bean