Thursday, January 15, 2009


Food wars continue. I don't even want to talk about it any more.
Suffice it to say that I'm exhausted.

But let's try to be more positive.

New things in Robbie's world:

He's getting better on his tummy. Tummy time is still a very short game because he despises (DESPISES) it, but I've been working on giving him the two minutes he'll tolerate several time a day.

This has helped him with his pushing up. He's always had really great head control, but he never even tries to push up because as soon as you flip him over he starts screaming hysterically. But we're not able to get him over and he'll occasionally even try to push up on his own.

If you put him up on his elbows, he can hold it for several minutes.

He's also getting more and more vocal. I'll upload a video later that you can hear him cooing. You won't be able to see much because it was darkish in the room and they always upload even darker, but you can hear him talking.

His latest thing is that any time something new is in his mouth, he starts talking. A new toy, my hands, his hands, whatever- he gets really vocal. He sometimes does the same thing when he's eating solids.

Which is another thing- solids are going pretty well.

So far he's had rice cereal, avocado and oat cereal. He's not too sure about the avocado. I think the consistency was a little odd for him. But we're not giving up. Avocados have LOTS of calories, so I'm hoping I can get him to love it. The rice cereal is okay but doesn't travel all the way through his system so well. The oat cereal, though- he really likes. And it's helping to keep him regular so it's a double bonus.

We're going to try the avocado again for a few days then I think we might try sweet potatoes.

I'm really focusing on vegetables that have more calories than breastmilk. Anything to give him a boost since he's still not eating. (Oh wait, we're not talking about that.)

Robbie is also falling more in love with his hands every day. Reaching for things, grabbing them- and that best part- putting things in his mouth. He's working on trying to control his paci and on the rare occasion that he does eat a bottle, he wants to have his hands on it so he can "hold" it.

He's also smiling and laughing more and more. Those are my favorite parts. Sometimes when he catches my eye and just beams I'm reminded all over again how incredibly lucky I am. The kid loves me. What more could a mom want?

He's also sleeping great at night. If we could get that issue we're not discussing under control, I have no doubt that he'd sleep through the night. He goes to bed about 11pm every night and sleeps until 9, 10, sometimes 11am.

Napping is still intermittent, but with a 10-12 hour stretch at night, even with getting up to (try to) feed him every 3 hours and pumping, I'm able to get enough sleep to function most days.

And of course, he's as handsome and adorable and precious as ever.

With that- pictures to prove it!


I finally decided this Bebe Pod thing isn't so bad after all.

It certainly is a different perspective up here.

You know, I think I really like it!

Daddy doesn't feel good so I'm keeping him company.

Boy, he's demanding. I need a nap.

My daddy is sooooo funny!

I have a new toy. Mommy says eventually my feet will touch the bottom.

It sure does taste good.

And it has cool toys!

Lookie what else I can do!

It sure is hard.

Mommy is trying to feed me this new stuff called "cereal." I'm still a little unsure.

And the "video" that's really just audio.


Anonymous said...

Hey Trish!
Just a lurker here. Wanted to tell you that my son initially wasn't crazy about avocado either. I wanted him to get those healthy fats though, so I mixed it with banana, and sure enough he likes it! He can feed himself now, and so to this day I put the two together and he eats it!
Also, his new bouncy chair is so cute. When we first gor our son one, his little feet couldn't reach the ground. We folded up a blanket and put it under his feet to sort of prop him up, and he loved it!
Just thought I would pass these things on that helped us. Wishing you and little Robbie all the best.

Cassie said...

Trish, I'm a (mostly) silent reader but I just had to speak up on this post (and will try to do that more often) because my goodness, your little guy is so cute! I love the video of him talking; it's too sweet. At the end, it sounds like he's saying "bye," very softly. And I seriously have to get that jumpy chair thing for my son, who has almost outgrown his Jumperoo!

You are definitely in my thoughts as you and Robbie continue to navigate the food terrain. You are so blessed to have such a strong, happy, beautiful little son.

Two Hands said...

You know, I look at him now and then I look at the photos of him when he was so new and I think, he has come soooo far and he couldn't have done that without you.
I remember those early days where every day without an infection or something happening were a blessing and now look at him. Smiling, cooing, pushing up. It's astonishing Trish. It's amazing.
I'm thinking of you and Robbie often. I am in awe of you as a mother and I'm always, always sending you my love.