Saturday, January 3, 2009


When he DOES eat, he spend an hour crying afterward. Clearly in pain.

He just ate some cereal like a champ. Then took a bottle (in his sleep, of course.)

Then spent an hour gagging, wretching and crying.

I just want his stomach to treat him better.

Is that too much to ask?



Mrs. Spit said...

What about a ped. Gastroenterologist?

tubelessstl said...

agree with mrs. spit, someone else needs to look into these issues. Ugh. Hugs and I hope you can get some answers soon.

Trish said...

Thanks guys. We have one. We'll be seeing her on Thursday as a matter of fact.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Colic Calm with him? It's all natural and you can find it on the internet. I used it with my preemie with severe reflux - he still gagged a lot but didn't wretch in pain all the time.

Anonymous said...

To add to the above post - at 6 months (4 months adjusted) his reflux disappeared. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

DreamCatcher said...

I hope that his tummy issues are able to be sorted out soon. Poor guy. Hang in there, Trish. I know it's hard but you will get through it all. *Huggles*