Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hodge Podge (pics)

Murphy's Law: The lower your checking account balance, the greater the chance your car starts making a funny noise.

Robbie's pediatrician tells me if I hadn't stayed home with Robbie for a year, she shudders to think what would have happened. He needed me. I needed him. It needed to be done. But I'm not sure we will every financially recover.

David's car is acting up. Of course.


My MIL definitely set Robbie's eating backward. He has spent the last week crying upon laying eyes on a sippy cup, spoon or bowl. Daycare was shocked. Fortunately they were able to make feeding fun by doing a lot of cheering, and enlisting the other kids to do the same and have made up a little of the lost ground this week.

We could use some prayers that he goes back to, not really normal I guess, but at least where he was pre-MIL visit soon. He was enjoying eating to a degree. He would open his mouth and actively participate in the feeding, at least. Now he just cries and puts his hands over his face.


Robbie has yet another cold. When I took him to daycare on Monday a couple of the kids had a drippy nose. Robbie's started tonight. I hate germs.


We still can't get H1N1 shots around here. I'm considering chaining myself to the doors of the health dept until they release one of the 500 doses my county (yes, 500 doses for the whole damned county) FINALLY got this week. They tell me they still haven't decided how to distribute them yet. SERIOUSLY? The CDC has a protocol for who should get them first. They aren't doing anyone any damned good sitting on a shelf somewhere.

Cut a stressed out high-risk-preemie mom out, here!


Robbie did get approved for Synagis shots this year. We were very worried he wouldn't, but with his two wheezing episodes over the summer (and who knows how much effort from his pediatrician's office) he did get approved. He gets his first shot in a couple of weeks.


Enough of my rambling. How freaking cute is my kid?

Mommy got the coolest ballons for her birthday!

da da da da da da da da Bat man!

You're so silly!

I eat candy?

Help! Grandma's trying to steal me!

Stairway to Heaven, anyone?

Look how long my hair is getting.

The high chair rocks. It's just that crap that put on the tray that sucks.

Just let me go, grandpa. I'm ready to take off!

When I think about you, I touch myself....



PurpleDogMommy said...

So...ya. Ok, I don't want to make this a MIL bashing-fest. But does she know that her "help" pushed back Robbie's progress? That you and his daycare are having to re-invent the wheel this week (and the weeks to come?).

I'm sorry, girl, but I can't say that I wouldn't just be pissed. Resigned too, I suppose...but she wouldn't be trying *that* again.

Did she leave with a better understanding at least? Or is she still blind to the situation?

We are waiting for the H1N1 here as well. Counties around us have it, nothing in this county yet. Boo.

Two Hands said...

One of those better be Robbie's and it better come quick!
I'm so sorry your MIL set your feeding back. My MIL is similarly full of assvice that inevitably undoes what I am attempting to do. The nice thing is that she doesn't like to come over when my Mom is here and since she thinks my Mom is here all the time, I hardly see her!
I hope Robbie regains the lost ground soon.
Hugs to you and your sweet boy.
And yes, thank God you stayed home with him. You are his hero, pure and simple.

Mrs. Spit said...

same thing as purple dog. Does MIL know? Because she needs to see this. She needs to remember the way he was before, and the way he is now, because she needs to stand up and say "I was wrong".

Sorry about the car and the funds. I remember the first years of our marriage, and you are right, there is a direct relationship between how broke you are and what breaks.

Bridie said...

SO freaking cute!

Adriane said...

CUTE PICS!! He is so adorable!

OK, with the H1N1 - we went to the Ped yesterday and she told me they wouldn't give them to 2 and under. Not sure if that's just my Ped's office or what? My girls are 33 weekers, so I thought they would for sure consider them, but no. Strange. So, we're not getting them.

AMEN to the Murphy's Law comment.

Tasha said...

"When I think about you I touch myself" Ha ha ha! I literally laughed out loud when I saw that one! Too cute!

How did MIL take the feeding issues? Obviously it negatively affected Robbie, so it couldn't have been wonderful. ((HUG)) I hope you can regain ground with Robbie...I desperately hope so.

I hope the car hangs in there for you guys. Car troubles stink. Plain and simple! (My brakes are squeaking something fierce..I am the person that everyone cringes around when I am driving)

Laura said...

I'm so sorry. So did you/are you going to tell your MIL that she's done the damage you thought would happen? It's like rubbing salt into the wound of a relationship but she should really be made aware of what she forced to have happen despite your best efforts.

Lisa said...

I totally snorted at 'I touch myself'... god I love that kid- he is too freakin cute!

Sorry about the MIL- I know she meant well but I think sometimes people get too caught up in the battle of 'one more bite, try one thing' that they lose sight of the fact that you're not just fighting one battle- you're trying to win a war. You're doing right by your kid, just like you always do.