Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quickie w/video

A quick note to say that Robbie has yet ANOTHER ear infection. He's now on round #4 of antibiotics in the last 8 weeks. He's finally off the breathing treatments, which is good, though.

The doc is having him take a full dose of aug.mentin for 5 days, then lowering to a maintenance dose all the way through his tube surgery (October 14) in the hopes that we kick this one and keep him infection free until then.

Man, this ear thing is tiring. I can only imagine how poor Robbie feels. Though you'd never know it. He did wake up pretty upset Wednesday night (which I've learned is a pretty good sign of another ear infection) and was pretty flushed that morning (just not seeming quite "right") but beyond that, he was happy and playing and perky just like always. I swear, he's freakishly good natured. He definitely didn't get that from me.

And another random video involving banging objects. He also went through a weeklong phase where saying "nanu nanu" and a slurping sound was hysterical. I always love it when something random starts cracking him up.



Azaera said...

I'm so sorry about the ear infections, poor little guy. He is so cute, I can't believe how pudgy and healthy he looks. I keep thinking back to when he wasn't gaining very well, and then I see how he looks now. He was still adorable then of course, but he looks so cute with the pudgy cheeks. I hope his surgery goes well.

Becky said...

Poor Robbie! Well, he's definately proven that he needs those tubes huh! Love the video, glad he's staying up beat. Evan's a lot the same way, I always say there's a lot I can learn from that kid.
Side note, His early childhood special ed teacher says most kids start saying thank you by saying nanu....maybe that's what Robbie's after?
As always, hoping Robbie's feeling better soon!

Adriane said...

That really sucks. Those ear infections are nasty. Augmentin warning = I think diarrhea is in your future. I guess that's true of most antibiotics, but I remember that one being especially so. Hope you're hanging in there. Ear infections are hard on the kids and parents!

Trish said...

Adriane, this is actually his 3rd round of augmentin this year. It does get him, but not as bad as the Omniceph (sp?) a couple of weeks ago. I start him on probiotics as soon as I start him on an antibiotic (we're like experts at this by now. *sigh*) and feed him as much bananas and applesauce (binding foods) as he'll eat (which, admittedly, isn't a lot, but still..)

Becky- yes. If there's any upside to this ear infection is that I definitely feel more solid in my decision about the tubes.
That's interesting about nanu. I'll have to listen for it from him!

The Gonce's said...

He is so stinkin cute! Complete and utter suckiness about him having another ear infection, but at least he is happy. I wonder if it's a preemie thing. Bree is always happy and I have to tell ER docs not to base what's wrong with her on her moods. You can draw blood from the girl and she'll look at you and smile. Her and Robbie should get together. :)

Laura said...

Sorry about yet another ear infection. Didn't Mork from Ork (that tv show called Mork & Mindy) say Nanu Nanu when he wanted to say "hi" and "bye"? God I'm lame and old. ;-)

Trish said...

Laura- YES. And I'm old and lame, too.

Bridie said...

Darn ear infections! I'm so sorry. It took Sam so long to kick his first one, I am totally paranoid. He's starting to get the sniffles and I'm convinced he'll end up with another one. I hope he gets to feeling better, and I REALLY hope that the tubes work.

Amy said...

Look at that little chubster!! How cute! I do love when the random things crack them up. :)
Sorry about the ear infection. :( Hope he's all better soon.