Friday, November 13, 2009


Well, ask and receive!

Tuesday night Robbie managed to crawl a few inches! It is still really awkward and he fusses the entire time, but he did it on his own. He still can't quite coordinate his legs and his arms, but he made some forward progress. I tried to get it on video, but as usual, as soon as the camera came out, he was done.

So you'll have to settle for some videos of other recent accomplishments.

First up, Robbie doing a little cruising. This was one of his first days being able to move a bit, so it's not super dramatic, but he does move. You can also see him trying to clap his hands when I'm singing. We usually sing "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands" so he was trying to play along.

Next is another video of him scooting on his butt. He was trying to chase be down, so I thought I'd challenge him a bit to come get me. He's gotten a lot better at aim since this was shot, but you can see how quickly he can move on that butt.

And finally is some of his walking. Not the greatest video because I was staying right in front of him. The floors are slick and the shopping cart is light. I was afraid it would go flying out in front of him, so I didn't leave much room. But you can see him taking steps and moving along.



Adriane said...

Great videos! He is making fantastic progress.

Two Hands said...

He's doing so well, Trish! It's amazing. I love his "uh oh". Robbie, do you know how incredible you are?
We do.

Becky said...

We just watched the video's on full screen with Evan. He sat and watched, said "baby" and "walk" when he say Robbie walking. I thought that was pretty cool and you'd want to know. Looks like Robbie's really liking his new freedom!

Danielle said...

So cute. My Mom told me to put a weight in Mikayla's stroller, that is what she did for me when I was little. That helped her alot because it weighed it down. Put one in that is heavy enough that he won't be able to lift out of there. It looks like it is only a matter of time for you guys, you better get your safety gates and locks up. Get a good pair of running shoes ready. ;)

Georgy said...

That smile when he looks up at you while scooting on his butt melted my heart, so adorable.

I had to put something in Justin's cart to weigh it down, he toppled over the first time he used his.

Tasha said...

Good job buddy!!!!! I can't wait until Bree is able to do that...funny enough he even sounds like Bree kinda. Wish you lived closer so we could get these two miracle kiddos together!

Go Robbie GO!