Friday, April 16, 2010

Robbie is famous!

Robbie's so cool, he makes the papers.

A shout out to the writer and my friend, Nicole. And to my friend Leanne who took the fabulous photo accompanying the store.

Read the story here

Only eight days 'til race day!



Michelle said...

That made me cry!!! I'm so happy to have a computer again. I can't believe that Robbie is WALKING already!!! He's amazing. So good to catch up on your news. And that is a fabulous picture.

Two Hands said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I'm so glad to read that and hear how well Robbie is doing. He continues to amaze me, as do you, Trish. Thank you for blogging, without it, I would have never known you or your son.

Mary said...

Great article and photo. It sounds like Robbie is making so much progress! I'm happy he is doing so good!

Azaera said...

Oh Trish that made me cry too! I wish I could hug you. So awesome that he is doing so well.