Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We had a lovely Easter.

I was honestly kind of dreading it because we were headed to my MIL's for the weekend. I discussed with David ahead of time that I wasn't even going to pack any sippy cups. I just could not take another weekend of water torturing my child. It stressed me out, but more importantly, every time it happens, Robbie would backslide. He was traumatized and I was pissed. I refused to do it again.

A friend who has been through this told me that when they went on vacation, they let their son have a vacation as well. No eating/drinking pressure. I decided that was brilliant and David agreed.

But I worried all week about how she was going to react when we got there. I steeled myself for a lecture. It never came. Not once.

We arrived Friday afternoon and had a lovely evening. Robbie was adamant he was NOT going to sleep and managed to work himself into hysterics enough to puke EVERYWHERE a couple of times. Then he decided to change tactics and try jumping and shaking and laughing. For 2 1/2 hours I shushed, I patted, I rocked, I laid with, I sang and ultimately he had to cry it out. It was a long night. But that was the worst of the trip.

Saturday, again not a word. We had more rough sleeping from Robbie, but otherwise, a lovely day.

Sunday afternoon Robbie was eating some crackers and she asked if she could give him some water. I said no because I was getting ready to tube a bottle and I didn't want to fill him up too much and make him puke. She took that without any argument or pouting or disapproving scowling. It was an Easter miracle.

We also got to take Robbie to church on Sunday. It was his first time attending. His first year, he was quarantined, then last summer he just kept getting sick so we kept putting it off. Then we were back into RSV season again. But this year, we decided we were going for Easter. We were able to go to our home church in David's home town and it was great to be there.

Robbie unfortunately woke up in a horrible mood. I'm sure it was the lack of sleep, but he was very short-tempered and impatient. I hoped he'd perk up in time for the service, but no luck. At one point our pastor introduced Robbie to the congregation (Yeah, didn't know he was going to do that.) and when I picked Robbie up so people could see him, he had a tantrum. Yes, with the ENTIRE church watching. Our pastor remarked, "if he wants to sing, let him sing!" which made everyone chuckle and made me feel a little better. We ended up spending the entire sermon in the nursery where Robbie was suddenly happy and playful again. Funny how that works.

But, even if I missed the main course, we got a little bit of the sermon appetizer and it was nice to see everyone. We headed home afterward and had a nice lunch on a beautiful day. What more could we ask for?

Well, pictures, of course!


Last Tuesday, my friend Leanne was kind enough to take a few shots of Robbie in his Easter outfit. I really just needed a good shot for the shirts I'm going to print for our March of Dimes walk but she took a bunch and I'm so happy with them!

Thanks again, Leanne!

And of course, Easter day itself:

Look, the Easter Bunny has been here!

How fun!

I am a flower.

Oohh.. what do we have here?

After church


Shazz said...

Great photos and I love his little outfit!

Shazz said...
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Heather said...

Happy Easter! He looks adorable in those pics! Love the hat!

S said...

Way, way cute photos! I love them!

Anonymous said...

Um...what happened to your BABY? THAT is a little boy.... :) Glad you had a lovely weekend!!

Patti B.

Amy said...

I looove these pics. His outfit is adorable! Glad you had a good weekend. :)

Two Hands said...

I love the photos!
I'm so glad MIL didn't stress either of you out, you all deserved to have a lovely Easter.

Tasha said...

Great photos! Just to share, we've skipped the sippy cup with Bree because of her high palate and we've moved onto nosy cups (ask your speech therapist about them) and Bree has been drinking an ounce a day of whole milk from her cup! Woo hoo! Maybe he would like that?

Azaera said...

Those are the most beautiful pictures!! So cute. Sounds like you had a good easter!

Malloryn said...

I love the pictures of Robbie! He looks dapper :)

wrensmommy said...

again.. those pictures rock. he is so handsome! (i think dapper fits perfectly!)

some friends of ours have like THE most well behaved kids in church- of all time. they actually have "bible class" at home where they practice sitting still, listening, not getting to play loudly, or getting attention from the parents... apparently it works, at least for them. kids are always happier to play as an alternative though. :) i think sitting still/being quiet is just against their nature.

great news about the MIL. it must have felt like a real vacation. :)

Jericho said...

So glad you had a lovely easter! What a handsome little man you've got---and i ADORE the outfit. Browns are my fave. :)

Searching said...

Such a little man! He is gorgeous!!!