Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Am I the only person who feels like Christmas is killing them this year? I'm convinced it's because it falls on the weekend. That makes us lose that last weekend of preparedness. We're doing in-law Christmas this weekend and spending real Christmas with my family. That means I have to be ready like....uh.. now!

We also had/have a number of parties this month. Last weekend we did a birthday party an adoption shower in the same day, the day after a work party for David's work. This week I have a work potluck, a potluck at Robbie's daycare, and all the baking I'm doing for gifts, then preparing for the Faux Christmas weekend. Next week, I have another work party and David's potluck (he's cooking for himself, but using one of my recipes, so I'll be involved) and then of course, Actual Christmas. I'm wiped out!

Things are honestly pretty good around home, just busy. Robbie's eating pretty well. We began using an appetite stimulant and it seems to be working. He's not eating much more than usual, but it definitely made him thirsty. He went from averaging 2-3 oz/day to probably more like 5-10oz/day. I wish he would drink more milk (or even juice, anything with calories, really) but he still much prefers water. School and we encourage milk, but he will bring an empty cup and say "ah-ter!" He knows what he wants.

Speaking of speaking, man is the language coming quickly now! In barely over a month he's gone from 37 words to hundreds, regularly using 2 word sentences and now beginning three. He's able to express his needs and desires with words most of the time (though he's also shrieking incessantly. I'm really at my wit's end with the screeeaaamming.) and that has really changed the dynamic at home.

The other night he kept saying "Assipah! Assipah!" I had no idea what he was walking about. "Yes, dear, assipah.. mm-hmm." Until he finally brought me a container of applesauce and shoved it at me, obviously frustrated that I didn't understand English. "ASSIPAH, momma! ASSIPAH!"

I asked him to say apple- "App-uh."
I asked for sauce- "sawssse."

Say applesauce! "ASSIPAH!"

You win some, you lose some. All in all, though, it feels like a lot of winning. David and I go to bed at night recapping all the adorable and amazing things he's done all day. We sound like giggling morons telling each other repeatedly, "he's so cute." Sometimes I'm not sure if Robbie is cuter, or David's love of Robbie is. Suffice it to say that family satisfaction is pretty high right now.

I sure hope it can continue through Christmas. David's been very helpful. I'm glad I married a pretty domesticated man. He's doing most of the cooking for faux-Christmas and even taking off a day to do the house cleaning so we don't have to rush around. I've been in charge of all decorating and shopping. I think it's a good deal, really. I'll take toy shopping over toilet scrubbing almost any day.

Will try to do a better job of keeping up with the blog. There are lots of other things floating through my head almost constantly, but by the time I sit down to write, it's all gone. I need to carry a notebook. You know, after Christmas.



Georgy said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Don't you just love watching Robbie develop? I know I smile every time Justin learns something new.

Searching said...

How exciting!! Robbie is making such progress! I'm glad to hear you so happy. :) Best of luck w/all that Christmas stuff. I'm ready for it to be over!

Amy said...

Wow, he's up to HUNDREDS of words?! And 2-3 word sentences? Amazing. I think this is quite possibly the biggest language explosion in the history of humankind. GO, ROBBIE!! Wow. And it really is amazing how much that can change the dynamic once they start figuring out how to use words for things they want.

The "Assipah" thing is adorable. That has happened here so often too. Will persists in pronouncing monsters "monots" and Panda has evolved to "pena." Alex keeps asking for Jesus and we haven't yet figured out what that means, unless he's just an unusually spiritually attuned toddler.

The drinking is fabulous, too! Hope he develops a taste for milk or juice soon.

And YES. Christmas has been killing me, too. Things are mostly taken care of now and I *hope* Christmas Day itself will be a quiet, special day at home for the four of us. We shall see. Hope yours ends up being more relaxing than it's been so far! :)

Heather said...

I know what you mean. I feel like work is crazy right now and I could use a break. Glad to hear Robbie is doing so well. We're starting to hear the beginnings of words, so I know how exciting that feels. Love the applesauce story, that's a classic. Our daughter used to say "Lello" for yellow. I miss that.