Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tube-Fed Kid in the news

The Today show did a story on a tube-fed kid today. It's short and not terribly detailed, but it's so rare to see anything about a tube-fed kid in the news, I had to share.
I'm certain the feeding clinic they are referring to is the Graz clinic, which is the model of tube weaning our method has been based upon.



Searching said...

It's def something!! But wow- $20,000?!?! Ouch!

Laura said...

This is us times two, but luckily without the Autism diagnosis. I am glad you posted this. I wish that they talked more about the issue and process of tube feedings vs tube weaning. Such a brief segment, really doesn't show how common or how scary and difficult this life really is.

Alexa said...

Hey! I'm trying to find your email address, but for the life of me I cannot...would you mind sending it to me? Mine is

Heather said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing!