Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Smiley Face

Went in for my follie scan this morning. Leftie hurts like a b, but only had one measly 12.5 mm follicle to show for it. Rightie took the lead. Two nice ones, 18 & 21mm. I was in and out in under 15 minutes, awaiting a call with instructions to trigger tonight & IUI on Friday morning.

Came home, used an OPK and SURPRISE! Smiley face. As that's the third surge I've ever seen in in 5 years, I actually said out loud "WHOA! Oh boy!" and went running for the phone. Left a message for my husband and the clinic to advise that our timetable just moved up on its own.

I'm honestly relieved because I really felt like I was closer to Oing than I expected and was afraid we were going to be a day late. I guess I was right, but for once, the tests worked to save the cycle.

Of course, I'm a nervous wreck about 2 good follicles. We do not want twins. Not that I wouldn't love two babies, but risks go up and we're already pretty much maxed out on risk. But here we are.

Crossing our fingers and jumping.



Sherry said...

YAYAY! Good luck!

Bridie said...

YAY!!!! Keeping you in my thoughts!

Emily Gore said...

PRAYING FOR YOU! Sending LOTS of BabyDust your way!!!!! ♥

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Jamie Lynne said...

yay!!!! that is such great news!!! good luck and lots of baby dust coming your way!!

Amy said...

SO exciting! Glad that the test worked! :) Praying hard for ONE. HEALTHY. FULL-TERM. BABY!!

Anonymous said...


Searching said...


chipz95 said...

Woo hoo!!! Best of luck to you guys! **Hugs**

Tasha said...

AHHH!!! Excitement!!! :D

Michelle Mackenzie said...

Hi there,

Bridie recommended your blog to me and I love it! I am an IVFer and a mom to a former mico preemie.

We will be sending lots of prayers your way for a healthy and looooooonngggg pregnancy!