Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First OB check

Had my first "OB" check today. It was actually the NP since my OB is on maternity leave herself.
The NP kept apologizing for asking so many questions. My chart is literally about 2.5" thick so there's no way she could get an idea of everything from that. It was no big deal, really. Of course, I totally blanked when she asked me about surgeries. I completely left out my two D&Cs (I had mentioned the miscarriages, just not the D&Cs) and the hysteroscopy. Um, those should have been the first things I mentioned. Fortunately she mentioned the D&Cs and my brain started working again.

I sort of chuckled after we got through the list and said "my lady bits have been very thoroughly probed." She just laughed and agreed "yes, they have."

Ordered the triple screen & an NT scan at the peri center. Wrote the order to send me for co management with the MFM. Added a pre-e work up as a baseline (24 hour jug-peeing, here I come!) and asked how I was doing.

We discussed physical feeling (quite good, really) and emotional (anxious, but at a manageable level.) And then she tried to send me on my way. She thought it was too early to try a Doppler and was afraid my insurance wouldn't pay for an u/s. I offered to pay for it out of pocket. No way I was leaving there without proof of life. Plus I hadn't taken my pants off yet. We couldn't be done.

I got to see my little bean wiggling around! It still looks like a large headed gummy bear, but was wiggling all around. Measured 9 weeks 3 days (I'm actually 9w5d, close enough.) with a heart rate of 176.  Relief!

Now I just wait for the peri center to call and set up my appointments with them and get all my labs pulled. Hoping to do that Monday so I can do all my jug-peeing at home on Sunday. I am not "out" at work and do not want to have to explain my giant jug of pee to anyone. Plus it's just gross.

It's still amazing to me that things are going as well as they are. My mother-in-law asks every time we talk "Are you bleeding?" so I guess it's a surprise to her, too. (She really has a way with words, right?)

I had decided I was really just a crappy pregnant girl, but who knows- maybe I was wrong.



Heather said...

Congratulations! I'd pay for the ultrasound too! Glad everything is going so well.

Bridie said...

Great news! Looking forward to 30 more weeks of great news!

Deep Thinker said...

I am so happy for you!

gina said...

WOW, such a great appointment! I am so happy for you and I agree that 28 - 30 more weeks of wonderful updates would be just great! I wonder when they will talk to you about all of that. I know you will have a repeat cesarean but does that mean the baby is automatically delivered a bit early? I know those decisions are far away but time moves SO fast! Congrats again!!

Trish said...

Thanks everyone!

Yes, Gina. Because I had a classic c-section the first time, they won't let me go past 37w.
I don't know if that means 37w exactly or if we'll have some leeway to 37w6d.
37w exactly is actually Thanksgiving day, so I'm guessing they won't schedule anything that day and I'd prefer to let a baby cook as long as possible.

Obviously this all assumes making it that far, but I'm trying to assume the best here.

Jenn said...

Fantastic! Keeping you in my prayers, girl.

Ruby said...

I'm so happy for you.

I'm still praying for a boring pregnancy. Boring can be very good in some cases.

gina said...

Thanks for the clarification Tricia!!