Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Outside myself

Tonight I'm going to ask for prayers for someone I don't know.
Apparently this mom used to be a member of a message board I'm on. A few days ago, doctors discovered a very large tumor in her daughter's brain.

Things have been rough at my house. Money is beyond tight, sleep is nearly non-existent, Robbie's decided his new favorite pastime is pushing his sister down, David and I are sniping at each other over stupid things. But then there are things that make it all fade away. If they foreclose on the house or we never sleep a full night again, it's not important. All I can think of right now is praying for this family. Please join me.




ggop said...

Aw Trish, its times like these when we feel things could be a lot lot worse. I wish the family strength during this hard time. Hope the kid is doing better every day.

Macchiatto said...

I have been praying for them. Heart-breaking. :(