Friday, November 2, 2012


Okay, so it's November 1 and I'm trying to start my 30 in 30 challenge out right. I'm writing. Truthfully, the only thing on my mind tonight involves fictional characters.

Since Charlotte didn't sleep well (well, still doesn't) as a small baby, I spent a lot of time with her beside me either in the cosleeper or in my bed. She'd sleep okay so long as I was close by, still and quiet. That meant no TV, which is my usual vice. So, instead, I started reading. Last year I challenged myself to read 50 books. This year I set my goal at 30 thinking that with a new baby, I wouldn't have time. Well, I just finished my 64th book of the year. So how 'bout them apples?

The book I finished tonight was the second in a series. The first was Bared to You and the second Reflected In You, by Sylvia Day- The Crossfire Series. Holy crap I'm hooked. I read the every-popular and ever-controversial 50 Shades books earlier in the year. I enjoyed the story and the characters (well, Christian, mostly) but hated the writing (and Ana, a little.) A friend recommended Bared To You as a better option. Boy was she right!

It's one of those books that left me restless. I immediately went to look when the final book is going to be released (not until May :sob:) and then considered rereading the two books I already had. I opted to look into some other books by Sylvia Day so I started a new series tonight. The writing is still good, but I can already tell the story isn't going to be as mesmerizing as The Crossfire Series.

I think a lot of what sucked me into the story is that both of the main characters are abuse survivors. Their journey to each other is ugly and sordid and messy. Both have great flaws. I love that the female character isn't a simpering moron. She has an ugly past, and plenty of insecurities. She has her own career and money, too. You don't find that in a lot of romance novels.

I think that the way their relationship is portrayed, working through their pasts, though, is what is truly unique. Their love doesn't heal everything. But with enough work, they might be able to heal themselves. That speaks to me a lot. And you know, the SERIOUSLY steamy, MIND-BLOWING smut doesn't hurt either.

So, I hate that this turned into one big book review, but that's what's on my mind. I already miss Gideon and Eva. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to saving a vampiric fallen angel. Or something.


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