Monday, March 26, 2007

Here we go..

Tomorrow is my first IUI after my miscarriage.
For anyone who doesn't know about IUI, here's the short version.

Hubby does his business in a cup, we rush it to the doctor. Doctor "washes" it, stripping it of all semen, leaving only the swimmers. They then go through a centrifuge and get all riled up and then sucked up into a long tube structure which is then threaded up through my cervix and the swimmers are deposited into my uterus.

The idea being that in the normal conception process, a great % of the swimmers are lost at each turn. Some fall out immediately following the deed... some die in the vagina.. more don't make it up through the cervix etc etc. So when you don't have many to start with, by the time the herd makes it to an egg there aren't enough to penetrate an egg. (Contrary to the ever-popular expression "it only takes one strong swimmer," it actually takes quite a few more.) In an IUI, all the strongest swimmers are deposited closer to the goal line.

This is how we got pregnant on Thanksgiving day. On our first IUI. I was nervous then. I had never been through it. I had no idea what to expect. If it would hurt or what.

You'd think I would be less nervous this time, but I think I might be more. Since we got pregnant on our first IUI I feel this extra pressure. Plus I'm at a new office so even though I know what to expect pain wise, that's really about it. I've never even met the GYN that will be doing the procedure tomorrow. All I've seen is the nurse practitioner in the office.

So, anyone out there who is in a praying mood tomorrow, think of us tomorrow around 3:30 CST.

-- Trish

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Coffeegrl said...

You're in my thoughts...Hoping for the best.