Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Waiting to live again

One of the greatest things about having blogged for the last few years is having a running history of how things were. Sometimes it works against me. Last week, for example, when I went back looking at posts from around the time Robbie was born. Dredged up a lot of painful emotions.

But then tonight, I wondered how long it took for the Paxil to make me feel better when I started it back in January. I started it Jan 23 and on Feb 2, I had a post about not having anxiety when the sun set. So that's 10 days. Which is also how long it took to go without it before I felt like a crazy person again.

So, ten days. It's been 3 since I restarted the meds. So by this time next week, I'll be a real, live human being again, right? Right?




Macchiatto said...

I sure hope so! (((HUGS)))

Melanie said...

Yes! Prayers for you, love. *hugs*

ggop said...

It definitely helps having data.
I sure hope you feel better sooner than day 10.

~LO said...

:( Sending prayers your way

Macchiatto said...

Thinking of you, hoping you're starting to feel better.