Friday, November 28, 2008


I posted a large thankful post on Robbie's Blog.

Of course, those are only a few of the things I have to be grateful for. There are many more:

My loving husband
My job
David's job
Good health insurance
Amazing friends
The Internet
Good TV
Bad TV
Great food
Supportive Family
Indoor Plumbing
Climate Control
Lowered Gas Prices
Baby Swings
Disposable Diapers
La-Z Boy recliners

The list goes on.

The most profound is obviously Robbie.
There just aren't enough words to express how thankful I am for Robbie's life.

Before I got pregnant this last time, when I was sad about our two lost angels, David would always remind me how we were told we'd never GET pregnant and we'd done it twice. (I won't get into how frustrating that was. But you know, he's a guy. He was trying to "fix it.")

When I got pregnant with Robbie, it was truly against the odds. David wasn't even in the room that day. He had a meeting or something and had to rush out after giving his donation- his measly 4.5 million sperm.

I left the office that day with a discussion about moving on to IVF. No one was expecting a pregnancy, least of all me.

There were not-quite-doubling betas, and months of spotting.

And, of course, his birth at 26w2d. Every step of the way, we had to cling to him as the world seemed to want to rip him away.

Yet here he is. Currently snoozing in his bouncy seat next to me. His mouth is hanging open slight. He stirs occasionally as though somewhere in his subconscious he knows he's missing something and really out to wake up, but just can't will it to happen. He has a bit of spit up on his chin. I've left it because his sleep is light and I don't want to wake him. We had a sleepless night a couple of days ago (He finally crashed around 7am) and I'm still recovering a little from that. Sleep is good, don't spoil it.

Our house of 2 has become 3. (Well, okay, our house of 6 has become 7.) Sometimes David refers to "his family" and my heart dissolves into a pool of joy. His family. Our family. Our son. Our miracle. Our Robbie.



Newt said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Trish! I guess every baby is a miracle, but Robbie is an extra miraculous one. He's a super-miracle. Thanks for sharing him with us.

Tiffany said...

Reading this post made me cry. I am so thankful to you for posting and sharing your story. It gives me hope.

Amy said...

What a beautiful post!!