Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day brighteners

Just a couple of short Robbie videos to brighten your day.

This one started as an attempt to get Robbie smiling, but ended up with a little more doggy lovin' that I think Robbie bargained for.

And this is just Robbie's latest "trick." All he wants to do these days is pull up on my hands.


Jenn said...

LOVE the videos! The first one made me LOL...Robbie's like "woah, that was not cool" after the doggie kiss.

And how sweet it is for him to reach for you to pull up. Go, Robbie!!!

Two Hands said...

He is so darn smart. I love his facial expressions when you were trying to get him to smile. So serious.
Give that boy a huge hug for me and thank you so much for those videos. I really did smile! (actually more like a big teary grin)
Love to all.

Laura said...

Are you ready?? Because it's coming! In just a couple of weeks Robbie is going to start leaning way forward and really start trying to pull himself into your lap and up your shirt into a standing position. This is how Cameron started two weeks ago and Evan is starting to do the exact same thing. Big changes are headed your way!
BTW, I love your Boxer he(she?) is absolutely beautiful. My dogs give the boys big smelly kisses like that all the time too.

Heidi said...

Way to go Robbie! Pulling up is so HUGE! It made me a little teary. Give that strong guy a hug for me.

Elizabeth said...

Oh thank you Thank you! Absolute day brighteners! I love how he's reaching out for your hands.

casicola said...

awww this is soo cute...thanks for this....and the pup that so much bigger than him but thinks hes a little thing is adorable too:)
and he is such a big little man