Friday, June 5, 2009

Robbie's B-day party

The party was a big success. We had about 25 people total.

There was a brief hiccup in the morning when the lawn mower wouldn't start. But David borrowed a neighbor's mower and did the front and we moved the party up there, so it was okay. There's more shade there anyway.

Robbie did well. He loved the other kids and paid mostly no attention to the other adults.

He didn't really eat any cake, but he did mash his hands in it a bit and got frosting everywhere.

After a fiasco trying to order a fish cake from a local bakery, my friend Lisa swooped in and saved the day and made an amazing one for us and even brought a smash cupcake for Robbie. She totally rules.

Robbie was tuckered out after the party and even took a 2 hour nap. (Which is unheard of for him.)

He got lots of great toys and a ton of books, and a few outfits. We didn't get ANY duplicates and Robbie loves his stuff.

Without further ado- Pictures!

I am one today.

Family photo.

Robbie visiting with Clare & Thomas

Catching up with his NICU buddy, Gavin.

Clare has pretty hair!

Robbie doesn't need cake. He has a bib.

The amazing cake!

Smash cake.

Hmm, this feels different.

No, I DON'T want to eat any, mommy!

The aftermath.

Great-grandma, grandpa, Robbie & Mommy.

What'd I get, Mommy?

I'm the best present ever!

Chillin' in my new sunglasses.

Hi Grandpa!

Are all these people here to see ME?

Relaxin' after the party.



Alex said...

Awww...congrats :) That cake is beautiful!!

The Quarke Family said...

Wow, I can't believe he's one. He has quite the cheeky twinkle in his eye, your little one ... I'd keep a close eye on him in the future!

Congratulations on completing what must have been quite the year for you ... to put it mildly. I obviously don't know you personally, but I'm always very impressed from reading your blog, I have no idea how you do it. Congrats to all three of you!

Me said...

OMG I freaking LOVE that hat. My grandpa used to wear those kinds of hats and I have a soft spot in my heart for them now!

Mrs. Spit said...


Umm, Robbie's B-day gift is late. Had you noticed?

Lisa said...

It was such a joy to be able to celebrate with you guys. It was a wonderful party Trish- you did such a great job!

caitsmom said...

Beautiful pics. Happy B-day Robbie!!!

Laura said...

So stinkin' cute! Happy Birthday Robbie!

Heather said...

Happy birthday, Robbie!!!

Heidi said...

Looks like fun! That cake (and cupcake) are amazing!

Happy birthday Robbie! Mwah!

Fertilized said...

What a wonderful birthday party! Fantastic Cake!!!

Amy said...

So so so cute!
And yeah, the cake and smash cake are awesome!