Monday, July 27, 2009

19 pounds

Robbie has now broken 19 pounds. If only he weren't so wiggly, I'd measure him. He's definitely growing. He has very few 3-6 month clothes left that fit. He's solidly into 6-9 month clothes.

He's working on the new sound "na na na" and has been making funnier facial expressions including a scrunched up face that I think is supposed to be a cute smile and a grimace that is pretty funny.

Tonight I caught him using his index finger to spin a toy. Love those fine motor skills!

I'm wondering if his top teeth are EVER going to come in. He's been working on them for months, but the last 2 weeks we've had several days where he just seemed downright miserable and is chewing on everything. He even had a low-grade fever most of today. Fortunately he's still in a good mood, though he's not sleeping terribly well.

This weekend he got to spend time with his great grandma and great-great aunt Hazel. He was a constant source of entertainment for all.

Of course, he's still handsome as all get out.

Is this thing on?

I'm learning how to put things in and take things out. Mommy thinks this is pretty cool.

Good doggy.

My OT brought me the tastiest therapy toy!

There's a toy in there!

Carnac the Magnificant says "the answer is....."

Everybody shout! shout!

Garcon! Garcon! Service please!

My new frustrated face.

here kitty, kitty.

A very short video of Robbie demonstrating his new grimace.



Becks said...

Look! He's got little baby sumo boobs! Yay! He's getting fat :) My baby was SO skinny when he was born - his legs were like little toothpics, and he barely had an ounce of fat on him (literally). When he finally started putting on some weight and got a little fat on his legs, I was so excited. I kept pointing it out and saying "look how fat he is!" It was weird, because some people were really horrified that I said that. They would come back with a "he's not fat! he's just fine!" Whatever. I WANTED my tiny skinny kid to put some weight on.

I'm so happy Robby is doing so well! :)

Mrs. Spit said...

There's our boy!

Alex said...

Oh what a handsome chubby bear he is becoming!! We can tell how proud you are Momma...and you have every reason to be :)

Kim said...

Um for reals.. your kid is looking a little fat.. ha! Who woulda thunk it, eh?

Newt said...

SUCH a doll. I love him in his little high chair at the restaurant. Such a big boy!

Kierstin said...

he gets more handsome everytime i see pics of him! he truely is a doll!

Kierstin said...
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Azaera said...

Wow look at the hair on him! And he's getting chubby how cute!! Love the pics.

Adriane said...

Love all the pics! Love the pic of him in the diaper. He is a chunk-o!!! Love it!!!!

Trish said...

Becks- *LMAO* @ baby sumo boobs..
He does, indeed.
We were out today and I was carrying him and I finally had to put him down. He's HEAVY.

Michelle said...

LOVE HIM! I can't get over all that hair! Such a cutie.

Maureen said...

Yea Robbie! I'm jealous of the weight he has gained. DS2 was 15 lbs quite a while before Robbie was... and he still has not broken 16 and Robbie's at 19! I am always stuck by the fact if I gain or lose 5 lbs, it is no big deal. But I get excited for each lb my kid gains... some days each ounce. I'm so happy for you. It is so fun to see them do so many new things.

Meghan said...

I love that jelly belly he's got! Way to go Robbie!

ALC said...


chipz95 said...

19 lbs is great Trish!!!

I love the Carnac picture. I totally burst out laughing. Too cute!

Cheryl said...

Love all the pics! He sure is getting big!

Nexus said...

Huzzah for fine motor skills!