Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just enjoying life

Still around.. just nothing of real consequence to say.
Thank you to those who have checked in. I can't say what the future of this blog is. I wanted to say it's over, but I still find myself thinking about writing a lot. (I just never seem to do it.)

Life is good. The kids are amazing. I got laid off from work but treating it as a blessing in getting to spend more time with the kids. Trying to start a home daycare with some success.

Helping coordinate our local Promise Walk for Preeclampsia. 

Staying very, very busy but in almost all good ways. If I could have had a snapshot of my life now when we were struggling to have a family, it sure would have relieved a lot of stress.

Nothing is ever perfect. Robbie's bossy and doesn't share well, Charlotte seems to thrive on doing the opposite of anything I want. My husband is a man, which means he's required by law to drive me crazy. I figure we'll worry about money until we die.  But it's all small stuff. We're healthy, we're happy. I'm a very blessed momma.