Monday, October 20, 2008

A quickie with pictures

His G tube site is still leaking. They told me it should stop in 2 weeks. Two weeks is tomorrow and the last 2 mornings I've had to change his clothes because he was soaked through.
If it continues through 6 weeks, it means another surgery. WE DO NOT WANT THAT.

He's been puking more than ever, too. We see the pediatrician in the morning, so I'm hoping she'll have some suggestions for the reflux war.
But if you could say some tummy healing prayers all around, I'd appreciate it. And think fat thoughts. He's not been eating as well as he usually does (I assume because his tummy feels yucky) so I'm afraid his weight is going to be cruddy.

Your reward for good prayers, thoughts & vibes- More pictures!!


Napping in mommy's bed with Pierre and my sister Contessa:

Pierre chases the nightmares away:

Mommy loves my chubby cheeks:

And chubby fingers:

A half smile in my sleep:

Tummy time makes my neck muscles strong. This is me turning my head to the other side:

YAY tummy time!

Daddy plays, too!

Sometimes, I'm not so happy:

But I get over it quickly:

This weekend my great-grandma came to visit. She likes my brother Kenzie:

But she loves me more:


Newt said...

Aaaaaaaw, he's too cute.

Am sending all healing wishes for his belly. GL at the doctor's!

Mrs. Spit said...

I can't tell you how much I love seeing the pudge. I'll keep praying that things close up.

Heather said...

Love the pics! I hope his belly heals soon. That'll help him moose up more.

AngelsAmid said...

aww I love his pictures! LOTS AND LOTS of Tummy healing prayers coming from me! :)

MightySpork said...


I didn't even think to ask... how does Kenz get along with Robbie?

Stephanie said...

The pictures are so adorable! He is so big and those chubby fingers and cheeks are to die for! I'm so happy that he is doing great!

Janna said...

Oh, he's so precious!! Praying his belly heals quickly!!