Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good news, pictures, video

Robbie's days and nights continue to be wonky.

He was up all night again- finally falling asleep around 10. Of course, at 10:45, animal control was at the door with my dog. My darling husband had neglected to close the garage door when he left for work this morning. Fun times. Thank God for nice animal control guy. I didn't even have to bail him out.

In any case, Robbie then mostly slept all day. So did I. I guess if I can't bend him to my will, I may as well get flexible.

I don't know if that's setting myself up for trouble later or not, but in the mean time, it's the only way I can function.

A small tidbit of good news- Robbie had a couple of follow up lab tests last week. When we left the NICU, his TSH (thyroid) was still wonky. It had been since birth but kept improving, just hadn't gotten into normal. We also needed to check his blood count since it had been low, then boosted with a transfusion before the surgeries.

Both are normal! His TSH was dead in the middle of the normal range, and his RBCs were higher than after the surgery- so he's making his own!

No more blood draws!

And they're late, but the video at the end is worth it, in my opinion.


Hmm. What kind of mischief can I find here?

Just hangin' out with my momma.

I'm a happy baby!

Smilin' in my sleeps!

Hey everyone.

All the busy patterns made me tired!

The cure for what ails ya.

Nom Nom Nom. Tasty fist!

On my boppy in mommy and daddy's bed.

Don't you wish you could sleep like this?

I see you!

I love my daddy.

I got to see my NICU BFF at the doctor on Monday.

And then we had my first playdate on Thursday!

And the video. Pardon my foot in the background there. I was sitting indian style on the bed with Robbie propped on my leg. But his smiles more than make up for my ugly foot.



Anonymous said...

Trish and Family-

Todays blog is awesome. I would of never noticed you foot if wouldn't of mentioned it, and it is a beautiful, dainty foot. Robbie is coming along so great keep hugging, kissing, and playing with that little angel, whom is getting bigger and stronger everyday.

TRISH-Your a terrific Mommy and keep up all great work you are doing with Robbie, along with all the great you will be doing. Don't worry you all will eventually get on a normal schedule...it just takes a little patience and time. But it does get better, and is a great bonding and cuddling time for you both.

Congrats Robbie for no more blood work being needed. Congrats to Mommy and Daddy too. Keep sending us Bloggers all those beautiful smiles and wonderful sounds, your family is a inspiration to us all.

Robbie looks like a famous baby star with that smile and sad face. His expressions just makes a person all warm and fuzzy inside. I can't wait to see how much he is growing and changing as each day passes. Enjoy-Love-Cherish these time they seem to fly by so fast.

My last thought is have a safe and
Happy 1st Halloween Robbie and family.

Me said...

It's awesome how he's almost too tired to smile! Hee hee!

Two Hands said...

I'm sitting in class and people are wondering why I am grinning like an idiot.
Congrats on the TSH and RBCs. That's great news.
And of course Robbie, the little boy that could. I love watching him grow. Thanks for the pics and the video, made my day.

Cassie said...

That video is wonderful Caelyn is starting to smile at us too. Isn't it the best feeling knowing they are actually smiling at you and not cause the pooed or farted. The goos and coos should be soon to follow his cute little squeaks. Keep up the good work all three of you.

And getting him a a schedule will come. Right now you are still in survive mode.

happymomof2 said...

I loved the video- his smiles are precious and so is he:) Thanks for the update and the video. Hope that you all have a very Happy Halloween- Happy 1st Halloween Robbie!!!

AngelsAmid said...

Oh my gosh Trish he's soooo adorable.. I just LOVE his face in the "cure for what ails you" photo. It's the cutest smile ever! And his "talking" on the video was so sweet it almost brought me to tears! What a doll you have!

chipz95 said...

I just love his little squeaks.
So stinkin' sweet! They cheer me up when I'm chained to my desk all day!

Amy said...

Sorry about the wonky days/nights (maybe you should just go with it and move to Asia for a little bit ;)) and the dog ... but YAY for good lab results and happy baby pics/video and you getting some sleep yesterday.

Amy said...

Oh and yeah, the little squeaks are stinkin' adorable.

S said...

He's so cute!!!

Kristin (kekis) said...

Woo hoo for normal TSH & RBC results!

Love the pics and video. It's so precious how Robbie would go between big smile and frown. The squeaks are too cute!

When he finishes with those cheeks, can I have them?

Sara-Elizabeth & friends said...

OH SO CUTE! And nice to hear your voice of course!