Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas was busy and hectic and exhausting and wonderful. The way it should be with a wee baby in it.

After I posted my zombie post last night Robbie FINALLY gave up and slept around 3:30. He would nod off before that but wake back up from the slightest movement or sound. This time it finally stuck.

He ate again at 5 at which point I got up and put the ham in the oven. Then again at 8, which is when I really began my day. i put the beans on, pumped, dipped some cake balls in chocolate and considered taking a nap.

Of course, that's when Robbie really woke up for the day- about 9:00. Not nearly long enough but it was Christmas so it kind of worked out for the best.

My MIL got him up and dressed for Christmas while I finished the cake balls. Then we waited on my BIL to show up so we could open presents.

Robbie wasn't really sure what was going on, but he was very interested in it all.

I think the best present he got all day was a butterfly wrist rattle. He gnawed on the wings for hours. Funny how it's always the cheapest, simplest things, huh?

Lunch was fabulous. I made a 19 pound ham which turned out great if I do say so myself, my world (okay, family) famous sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes and green beans. David made home made yeast rolls and baked beans. MIL brought chocolate chip cookies (I dipped a couple of them in leftover candy melts, too.)

And we ate until we were sick.

Robbie had passed out immediately following gift opening and woke up just as we ate. (I'm told I had the same knack as a child.) So I rushed through quickly and then tended to him while everyone else cleaned up. I knew that kid was good for something.

After lunch my dad took care of Robbie while I got a nearly 2 hour nap. IT FELT SO GOOD. I've always been a nap connoisseur but rarely get one these days because every time Robbie naps, I have to pump. He rarely naps longer than about an hour and usually even less, so there just isn't time for me to join him. So today felt fantastic.

Then we watched a movie and snacked. Robbie hung out with his grandpa and I actually got to put my feet up.

Oh! And Robbie ate great ALL day. I definitely got one day of the one thing I really wished for for Christmas- Robbie to eat!

The night was long, but the day was wonderful.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

And of course, a holiday blog would not be complete w/o a Robbie narrated photojournal!

A Cox family Christmas Eve wouldn't be right with A Christmas Story. Daddy says it's the best. Mommy and grandma rolled their eyes a lot. I think I'm with Daddy.

I tried to stay up all night. I even outlasted the cats.

But I was still up early and impatient.

But Daddy managed to wrangle me.

Then we waited for my uncle BooBoo to get here.

Grandma held me while mommy passed the presents out.

He got here. Then we opened presents

Did you know there is a whole book about ME?

And Santa brought it for grandma!

Then it was my turn. Mommy was still in her jammies but I just climbed in her lap and she helped me open.

I think my favorite present was this wrist rattle from Todd & Paula. It's nummy!

I got lots of books!

Uncle Bradley gave me his favorite one from when he was a boy.

Mommy even read me it to me right then.

Grandma still thought her book was the best one.

Then Daddy took me for a while while mommy to get a couple of things done. Like take pictures of us!

Then I took a little nap while Mommy, Daddy & grandma made lunch. I woke up just in time for mommy to have to rush through and then feed me again.

After lunch Grandpa took care of me while mommy took a nap. Did you know he has FUR growing out of his LIP?

The day was really great, but man was it tiring. Good night!


Michelle said...

I'm so glad you got some sleep. Oh, and The Sneetches is my favourite Dr. Seuss book ;)
Happy holidays!

Newt said...

Merry Christmas, Trish! I'm so glad you had the hectic, happy day you deserve. :)

chipz95 said...

I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas and you got some rest! Yea!!

Amy said...

What a great entry! :)

tubelessstl said...

I love that picture of you reading the book to him by the tree.

where did you do your book about him?

Trish said...

tubeless- I did it at shutterfly. I spent days upon days putting together different layouts and adding captions but it turned out SO nicely. I waited for a discount and free shipping to save some money. It's about 95 pages, probably close to 250 pictures in it. And it's really, really nice.
We gave one to my dad, his mom and my grandma and they've been a big hit.