Thursday, February 4, 2010

January Pictures

At the beginning of January, Robbie was just getting sturdier on his feet. This meant he needed real shoes! He wasn't sure how excited he was about it.

I mean, they're just... so... heavy..

A gift from a friend. Finally someone who'll let me pick his nose.

Helping Daddy sort cables.

Robbie has finally discovered a love of chocolate. Particularly chocolate graham goldfish. He can't really chew them yet, but if you lick them enough, they WILL melt.

A big boy on his firetruck.

Robbie got a new toybox.

Showing off his mad standing skills with a Christmas gift.

Having a snuggle with Mommy.

Contessa decided to get in on the action.

Having a walk with Daddy.

Still lovin' the firetruck.

What? I needed a tissue!

Look at the snow we got at Grandma's House!

Good thing Grandma's around to help keep me warm.



Amy said...

What great pics!
(I am totally trying to read your anonymous comment to the left. It starts with "thank you." Xie xie fen something hao wen something. I wonder what that means.)

Amy said...

"Thank you for sharing the good article." In case you were wondering. ;)

NoVaIrish said...

Oh my gosh, when did he get so big? He looks great!

Trish said...

haha.. Amy. Thanks. I've been getting a *TON* of spam lately. I keep deleting, deleting, deleting, but they are very pervasive.

Sunny said...

What a big boy, and so happy! Great pictures.

We left the snow behind when we moved away from Michigan, and for the most part I'm glad... but that picture did make me nostalgic. :)

DreamCatcher said...

He's getting so big! Great pictures and yay for actually walking by himself. *huggles*

Bridie said...

No way! Sam got the same superstars jammers music thing for Christmas - he LOVES it. Although I find it annoying the song doesn't keep playing all the way through. He looks so good!