Friday, February 12, 2010

Sick Day

It was a sick day in our house today. Robbie woke up with a temp and sour stomach. Even with Tylenol & Motrin it got as high as 101.2 under the arm.

Fortunately with some babying of his stomach, he managed not to puke much today (minus some of the Tylenol this morning) and we mostly just spent all day in bed. He was SUPER snuggly. As much as I hate to see him sick, it is awfully nice to get to hold him as much as I want. Now that he's walking full time, he usually has better things to do than lay with his momma.

Late this morning, he crawled into my lap and we watched some cartoons together. Once I heard snoring, I realized he'd fallen asleep. After getting my fill of snuggles (hey, he hasn't slept on me in months!) I put him down next to me in our bed.

Isn't he sweet?

Fortunately late this evening his fever seemed to break (still warm, but not boiling) and his mood seemed to improve. I'm hoping by morning, he's back to himself.

The pictures above are courtesy of my new attempt at a picture a day. One of the latest trends in blogland is a picture a day. I can't swear I'll be 100% on it. But I'll try!



MeghatronsMom said...

Bless him. Hope he gets better fast.

I hear ya about the snuggles. That is the only way I can tell my child is truly sick.

Keep us posted & I hope you dont get it too.

He is so cute! I want to squish & kiss those cheeks. He is getting so big!

Tom & Shannon said...

poor Robbie :( I hope he feels better soon!

Azaera said...

Aww what a cutie. Poor little guy, being sick sucks. Sky's all stuffy and doesn't know how to blow his nose so when he can't breathe he just cries. We're doing our best to show him how it's done, maybe he'll pick it up eventually. Here's hoping Robbie feels better soon!

Amy said...

So, so precious.
Hope he feels better soon!