Friday, February 19, 2010

Private Practice

I should have given up on the show a long time ago.

The show is science fiction. That was established the day they did an IVF with TESE & ICSI in one day. Never mind that it was all done in the office with each patient next to each other, wide awake (what man and woman wouldn't want to be completely lucid with their gonads were sliced open and jabbed with needles) and immediately upon implanting (yes, implanting, not transferring, they told us so!) it was declared a success. Yes. Science fiction.

But tonight, not only did they get pretty much every medical detail wrong (bili lights don't warm babies, a 25 weeker wouldn't be fed the same day, would automatically be intubated, therefor would not be heard crying, the list goes on..) but they sunk into a new black hearted low. The condescension towards parents who do want to save their children was appalling and insulting.

I know far too many parents who have had to face the worst news one can hear; that their child won't make it. I pray that they were given the news more kindly than the piss-poor acting job allowed for on tonight's show.

Those of us who had a choice to save our child really didn't need the attitude that temporary feeding and breathing tubes were torturing our children. And I know I certainly found the attitude that any one who would try to do such a thing is deluded and cruel offensive.

Unfortunately there are people out there who watch the show and think it's at least somewhat reflective of real life. I fear that it will lead to yet more criticism of those who are faced with the toughest choices simply because they saw an episode of TV and think they know something. Truth be told, I don't even think the show has a medical advisor. Not just because of this or the IVF episode, but dozens of others. It's astounding to me.

Yes, I realize sitting in my living room red-faced, muttering obscenities about a fictional TV show is just as absurd as those who think it is real. But having seen and heard first hand the notions people have about preemies, I know how pervasive it is.

So I'm thinking I need to give it up. I say every week that I am. But this week was actually insulting. I think it's time.

To the producers and writers of Private Practice:

You suck. More than usual, even. You're now officially one fan short.

Oh and P.S. Fuck you.

mom of a 26 week preemie whose smiling face tells me every day that the fight was worth it


Heather said...

I never watched the show, but I would definitely stop too. And I'm glad Robbie is feeling better!

Mrs.Spit said...

It's so hard to see our stories and know that we are being judged, and someone couldn't even get the information right. . .

Two Hands said...

The idea that someone would consider letting Robbie die better than fighting for his life is terrible and horrifying.
Every time I see his little face and remember how far he's come, I'm awed anew. He's a miracle, pure and simple and worth every ounce of fight.

Katie said...

I was so mad at that show last night, too! OMG, it is hideous.

Anonymous said...

I follow you religiously and have since the TTC boards. I led many prayers for you over the first few days you were hospitalized but I rarely comment. Today, you struck a nerve. I was so upset when the were forcing Mya to have an abortion, I was so upset when Madison slept with Sam's best friend and then yesterday...its all just too much! I lost twins at 20 weeks and researched all the NICU issues I knew they would face (monamniotic). Never, Ever would I have thought a show could sink so low. It is sad and pathetic. I am sorry to all you NICU moms that watched that. Love to you.
Angels05 - Gina

Amy said...

Wow, that's awful. I hate to hear that, and you're absolutely right (unfortunately) that it will sway public perception. :( They really need to take their role more responsibly, and people need to stop thinking medical TV shows are accurate!

Tom & Shannon said...

Wait, I'm confused...they wanted to let the baby die so he wouldn't (temporarily) have to be intubated and tube fed? Wasn't he intubated while they discussed this whole thing?

Tasha said...

I wonder if we could write the show? I agree with all you said. Today, my 25 weeker pulled herself up on the couch for the first time and stood there beaming with pride. I'd love for anyone to look at that face and tell me it's not worth saving.

Trish said...

Shannon- no, apparently not. Apparently this 25 weeker was breathing on his own. There was even a moment they referenced knowing they should let him go "because she could hear it in his cry." Intubated babies have no audible cry.

Yep, yep.

Gina, I'm so sorry about your twins.. and sorry you had to see this awfulness.
The forced abortion episodes made my stomach churn as well..
Seriously, any show that upsets me this often.. why am I watching? I have to stop.

Sprudeln said...

As a soon-to-be IVF mom, I completely agree. Private Practice is absurd. I've had to correct many people about how IVF actually works after they have watched that show and think they know what my husband and I went through.

Write them a letter and let them know.

Azaera said...

Wow, I have never seen that show and I am outraged. They have no right to show people an inaccurate portrayal of what real people, what WE, have gone through. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Rock on!

Alex said...

I've never dealt with infertility first hand(but have many friends that have), nor have I ever had a premie(however my mother was a NICU nurse for many years) and even I know that all of the scenarios are bunk. And insulting and offer false hope. They really should be ashamed. And so should I because I continue to watch it.

I can see why that last episode would bother you, and I'm sorry for that :( However whats really bothered me about the show for the last 3 episodes or so, has been the slutty, irresponsible actions of the characters. I mean Addisson's slept with 3 men in as many episodes I think. I mean HELLO?? what the hell kid of message is that teaching teens that are watching it.

Good news is I doubt it will last much just gets dumber as the weeks go on.

Me said...

I haven't seen either of the episodes to which you refer but I agree whole heatedly that the show seems to lack anything remotely approaching medical reality.