Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Thoughts

I have no cohesive thoughts to share, so random thoughts it is.

My PMS has been out of control lately. I've never really had horrible PMS. A few times a year I'd find myself more irritable than usual and realize my period was due, but nothing major. Since I've had Robbie, however, that is NOT the case. My periods & cramps are very light (which is lovely) but my PMS is horrible. I'm not even going to recount what happened the other day, but let me just say to the lady in Sam's parking lot: Uhh.. sorry 'bout that. I feel positively homicidal towards my husband and impatient with Robbie. It's awful.

I don't particularly want to go back on the pill or anything, so I'm not sure what my options are. But I really think I'm going to have to talk my OB about it because this can't continue.


I'm trying to diet. I hate dieting. I hate being fat. I don't want to be skinny. I just want to be less fat. I lost nearly 60 pounds in the 3 months that Robbie was in the NICU. They've all found their way back. All of them. Tenacious fuckers.

I was on a pretty good roll for 6 or 8 weeks and didn't lose a pound. Then I got fed up and gorged for a few weeks and of course, gained 5 more pounds. Great. That was productive. So I'm currently doing 2 weeks of At.kins. God, I really want some carbs.


It's been an exhausting few weeks. Robbie's eating has been up and down. He had another cold which lead to another ear infection and wheezing. He got over both fairly quickly which was good, but I am so tired of it. One of our NICU friends is in the hospital very, very sick with RSV. This does not ease the panic I feel every time Robbie starts sniffling.

Please pray for our friends. I hate to see them going through this.


Robbie's behavior is very, very clearly indicative of the impending terrible twos. I recognize that the desire for independence is a great developmental milestone, but good golly it's exasperating. I swear when he learned to walk he realized he could do all sorts of things he didn't know he could do before and wants to do them all. Add to that the fact that he's REALLY a daddy's boy and he spends a lot of time pushing me away, running away from me or swatting my hands away. I wish I could say it doesn't sometimes hurt my feelings, but it does.

On that note, Robbie is asleep, I can't have any carbs, so I think I'll go lay in bed and chill.



Mrs.Spit said...

Vitamin B12, evening primrose oil, 2000 MG of Calcium, with Vitamin D. Give it 3 months.

Trish said...

Is that for the PMS?
Do I need it all the time or just around period time?

The Lesters said...

I've been reading your blog for sometime now but this is my first time commenting.

I can totally sympathize with the PMS thing, although I think mine is more PPD. It got so much worse after I had my twins. I would definitely talk with your doctor. I'm probably going to ask mine to give some medication soon.

I love all the videos and pics of Robbie. He is a cutie pie!

Nicole said...

Ahhh, the terrible twos. I am not looking forward to that with Cecily. As for the dieting, good for you for wanting to be healthier. It's not easy but we can do it!

Tom & Shannon said...

I'm trying to get back on the diet train, too. Or if not the diet train, at least not the eating bad train wreck. I actually have this spreadsheet (found on the waffles page) where I can track my weight loss and it's been really helpful b/c I can see that I AM losing, even if it's very slow. Just stick with it!

The Turner Family said...

Totally understand the terrible twos!! Robinson has become so independent that he won't even sit down to read a book, or practice pointing to body parts, or sing songs. He deliberately looks away and/or swats me away.

Plus, if I tell him not to do something, guess what he does?!

hahaha...boys are exhausting!