Saturday, February 13, 2010

Still going

Still sick today. The night was not great and he woke up boiling again, so off to the doctor we went. The verdict is a viral throat infection. Nothing we can do except treat his symptoms. So we spent another day rotating Tylenol & Motrin and keeping him hydrated and basically holding him. This evening he seemed to cool down and perk up a bit. Hoping tomorrow brings better things.

Pre-virus, channeling Mr. Burns.

I don't feel so good, but I'm still cute!

Batman to the rescue!

Baby Bootie!

Even sick babies smile.



wrensmommy said...

poor sick little superhero.

hope he feels better soon!

btw. adorable.

Malloryn said...

Poor guy... I hope he's feeling better!! He's so cute, especially that baby bootie.

Amy said...

Aww, poor little guy. Adorable pics though!

Heather said...

Hope he feels better soon. He's a cutie!