Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random (w/pics.)

David's been out of town since early Saturday morning. He won't be home until tomorrow night. Man, am I ready for tomorrow night.

He's not a super chatty guy, but man the house is quiet without him. I miss him.

It's funny, really. I lived alone for nearly 10 years before we got married, but now that I'm used to having someone here, the house seems so empty without him. I mean, Robbie's adorable but not the greatest conversationalist.


The trouble with now being able to go out is running into weirdos in the world. Had a very annoying experience with a smelly, dirty, possibly drunk old guy in the grocery store tonight.

Essentially he had personal space issues and just couldn't accept that my son doesn't talk yet. He pushed the issue so much that I ended up explained that he was born 3 months early so while he was almost 1, he was really only 9 months and "NO. He doesn't talk yet!"

This lead to a very pregnant (I would shortly learn she's 8 1/2 months pregnant) woman nearby to ask about a million more questions which lead to her actually complaining about how she's miserable and "can't wait to have this baby."

Rule of thumb- if the woman you're talking to has just explained that her son was born 3 months early and spent those 3 months in the hospital, don't complain about being full term. I have no doubt she's uncomfortable, but I'd have loved to have been so uncomfortable. I simply replied "Yeah, I never go to that point. Good luck with your baby" and moved on as quickly as possible.


Can you believe he's almost 1? Holy shit. How did this happen? His birthday is less than 2 weeks away!


A reminder that any pay it forward donations are due a week from Thursday. (The 28th.) We've received several donations now and I'm having so much fun seeing the stuff and I'm so touched at everyone's generosity. I promise there will be plenty of pictures to reward you.


Speaking of pictures.

Did you need something, Mommy?

Hmm. What does THIS button do?

The latest in baby discipline. A playmat shackle.

Watching TV on Daddy's "mattress".

An afternoon nap on Mommy's "mattress."

Sitting up like a big boy!

I love my rattle.

Hangin' out at Grandpa's house.

Singin' and dancin' with my microphone.



Azaera said...

I'm sorry you got accosted by the 8 1/2 mos pregnant woman. I hate that too. It gets on my nerves that people complain to me about being full term. I would have given anything to not have to spend those two months in the NICU.

Anonymous said...

He's so awesome :) Apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Patti B.

S said...

Trish~He's too cute!!!

FattyPants said...

Oooooooooo look at him sitting up there! He is just so handsome. Theres something about infertile women that just makes us have the cutest offspring.

I bet it is quiet with David out of town. Not much longer to go now. Oh and B isn't talking much either. Its more like a series of grunts and vocals. Totally sounds like a mini cave man.

Georgy said...

We get "you must be loving this age since he's so mobile". Not exactly, Justin isn't even crawling yet, let alone walking.

Laura said...

Don't ya just love that Kareoke toy? It's the best sitting up toy EVER! The pictures are great! Keep posting!!!

Heidi said...

He looks great! Wow...time flies!