Monday, October 8, 2007


I have three quick things today. All are basically the same. What the fuck?

1. For those of you who are watching "Tell Me You Love Me"- and even for those who aren't. Have you ever heard of a doctor telling you to get on all fours after an IUI.
If you didn't watch- there is a scene where they're having an IUI (BTW- YAY for IUI on TV!) and they're asking how it went. The doctor tells them it went well. She mentions that the character has a tilted uterus & might want to get on all fours for a few minutes now that the insemination is done.
Now, I have a tilted uterus & have had some IUIs. I've *NEVER* heard of this before. Isn't the point of the IUIs so that getting the boys where they need to go isn't a problem? I don't get it. It was definitely a WTF moment for me tonight.

2. What in God's name is going on with my body? The spotting is picking up tonight. Even having a few cramps. It's definitely still not my period, but I don't know what the deal is. Ovusoft thinks I ovulated 2 weeks ago Tuesday based on CM. But temps sort of lend themselves to 2 weeks ago Thursday. It doesn't particularly matter this cycle, but considering I'm either 10 or 12 dpo, WHY am I bleeding? I normally have a 13 day LP, so really, the earliest I expected my period was maybe late Monday. I don't know what to think now. So again- WTF??

3. Does anyone know why I can't just get 7 days worth of posts to show up on the front page of my blog. I've got to my settings, into Formatting and set it to 7 days. I've even tried 3 posts. No matter what, my only two choices seem to be 1 post, or 1 month. And I find it interesting that if I do anything other than 1 post- I get a month's worth since "month" isn't even a choice. WTF?


edit: After I submitted this blog I went back and tried 3 posts again and that actually worked. Since I usually post 2 or 3 times a week, that's close enough to a week's worth for now. I still find it frustrating that 7 days must actually be 1 month in the programming


That's all for me.

Thanks for the encouraging words & prayers from my last post. They must be working because I really do feel a bit better today. I even entertained myself tonight by browsing through crib bedding. And I didn't have the urge to cry once. (Yes, I like to live dangerously.)



Fertilize Me said...

I really need to watch that show, everyone is talkin about it - as for hte WTF's - I will send good thoughts/prayers your way.

Tracy said...


WTF is right.

Maybe because males are generally clueless with direction?

I mean the sperm only have to travel to the tubes. Can the tilt of the uterus make that much of a difference once they are already in the uterus?

Any way, no answers here.

I only have prayers and hugs.

Lots of both to you.

Chili said...

That show sounds so messed up!

Hope your body figures things out soon. :)

Fertilize Me said...

If you want a science nerd red-headed baby ..I will gladly share ;) We have talked about him donating for a bank as soon as we manage to get/stay pregnant.

Amy said...

So weird about all fours. Well, and all your WTFs, really.
Since getting my new laptop, I didn't have all my links to friends' blogs so I realized tonight I haven't been reading friends' blogs since then! Oops. I am correcting that now!

In and Out of Luck said...

Weird. I identified your last post by the way. I just had what amounted to a chem. pregnancy 2 months after a miscarriage and I did feel like it was too much, one thing on top of the other, and that if it had happened later, if could have hurt less. But frankly I don't think that's true.
I hope it is the septum only in your case.