Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adventures in photography

As many of you know, little Stellan had his hear surgery today. McMomma had asked everyone to wear orange in support. Fortunately, one of Robbie's favorite outfits is a bright, springy, orange-heavy outfit.
What a great opportunity for some pictures!

I thought Hmm, this should be simple. I'll just make a sign and take a picture. The fun was just beginning.

Hmm, well, that's not bad, but maybe I could get a better look on his face and the sign could be straight.

I'll just put the sign over here.. Hey Robbie.. Robbie..Look over here, baby...

Hmm.. Maybe if I put the sign on the other side.. oh crap.. Robbie, honey, let go..

Okay, maybe I'LL hold the sign up.. Well, crud. Robbie, baby.. don't cry. This is supposed to be fun.

Well, that's better, but the sign has seen better days.. and well, you can't see Robbie's orange outfit, which was the whole point.. What next?

Okay, let's put the sign off to the side a little.. Yes, baby, I'm glad you like the paper..

Uh oh.

Okay, I give up.

At least Robbie's amused.

I wonder how many calories paper and ink has?

In the end, we sent Stellan the original.
Get well soon, Stellan!



Rini said...

You know, I think my mother may have dressed me in that exact outfit in 1985.


It looks much nicer on Robbie. :D

(Also, the orange pants are a surprisingly nice complement to his hair!)

Nexus said...

lol Robbie!

Mallory said...

AWW! That looks like every month when I try to take a picture with Austin holding his monthly birthday sign!

Kierstin said...

he is just ADORABLE! I have also been praying for Stellen and checking the blog for updates. I will look for his pic there!

Jess said...

Such cute commentary and cute pictures. I hope Stellan does get well very soon.

Malloryn said...

He is too funny!!!

AngelsAmid said...

=) He's so adorable I'd just love to eat him up! =)

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!! I saw this on a board from The Nest and wondered if you had tried something like this, since Robbie likes his paci so much? Maybe he'd be more into it than a normal bottle. I dunno, I'm a lurker, but I just thought of you. http://gotbreastpump.com/store/Podee_Hands_Free_Baby_Bottle.htm

Nix said...

lol, the number of times I've asked why they don't make foodstat taste like paper!! Books are still a favourite meal in our house.
Loved the photos and the comments are so apt, thank you for brightening my day!

chipz95 said...

I got the giggles from your running commentary. He's so cute - and I totally dig the pants!