Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quickie with linky to longy with piccys.

Robbie has been having horrible, horrible reflux the last week. And barely eating (worse than normal) so today he had an Upper GI to make sure his hiatal hernia wasn't back.
Thankfully it's not. Please pause while I sigh with relief.

I just wrote a big recap of the last week in Robbie's life including the NICU follow up, feeding clinic, Easter weekend and the upper GI. It's viewable on Robbie's Blog if you're interested.

But I know most of you just want pictures.

Here ya go!

Easter weekend pictures!

Who ya talkin' to, Grandma?

Hmm.. these bananas aren't half bad.

I can do it myself, mommy.

Pardon me, I believe I have a banana in my eye.

Getting a bath in the sink at Grandma's house. I think it's the first time I ever smiled while being bathed!

Getting dried off is still better than getting washed.

Hangin' out with Daddy.

Happy Easter!

Did you need somethin'?

Blue eyes lookin' at you.

I'll read the instructions for you, Daddy.

Always with the camera?

Hey! I know you!

What's this over here?

Nom nom nom! Yummy card!

Uncle Boo Boo keeps me company.

Relaxing with Grandma after a long day.



Tracy said...

Glad to hear the hernia isn't back!

Looks like Robbie had a fun and happy Easter. Love the pics, particularly the banana face.

Fertilized said...

So very cute. Happy Easter. So very glad that the hernia is not back!

Danielle said...

He is so adorable!