Saturday, April 25, 2009

Old news, new look

A couple of weeks ago, a kind blog reader nominated me for an award.
I was quite touched.

I'm always amazed by those who have lost a child who read my blog. I wish I could say that if the roles were reversed, that I could be so selfless. I don't know if that's true.

In any case, she nominated me for the Sisterhood award. It's all about Gratitude/Good Attitude. (I can't help but chuckle at being told I have a good attitude. Caitsmom clearly has a heart of gold to think so.)

She asked that the following poem accompany the award as it is paid forward:

by Velveteen Rabbi

One by one
every woman I know
approaches me
carrying words

it happened to me
my mother
my sister
my best friend

four times in a row
before the baby came
once, before
I even knew

three times
over six years
and then children
healthy and perfect

just keep breathing
in and out
around the stone
you’ve swallowed

I’ve been there
I am holding you
you won’t feel this way

This blogging community truly is amazing. I've made friends from all walks of life. Friends I feel closer to than many I've known for a dozen years or more. I've been touched time and again by the care and kindness shown to me by faceless strangers across the world.

Below are my nominees. These are people whose spirit I find amazing. I will not obligate them to post further, but would love if it did continue on. Please know that this list is not all inclusive. Just some of those who have shown me great support and I truly appreciate them.

In other several-week-old-news, I won! I won!
El over at Profoundly Seth was raising money for several charities and raffled off a few items. One of which was a blog makeover and I won! Come out of your readers and let me know what you think.

It's MUCH brighter than the old blog. But I'm in a much brighter place than I was when I chose the last color scheme. So I think it was time.

Do you like? Hate? If you love it, be sure to visit Mandy and check out her options.

Without further ado, the list of people who have inspired, comforted and supported me. Love you girls!

Profoundly Seth
Mrs. Spit Spouts Off
Life, Death, Preeclampsia
Operation Secret Baby
Service is Joy
The Babies Who Couldn't Wait
Parenting Preemies
Taylo' 2 Babies
The Compton Corner
The S Family Adventures



Martha Compton said...

Ohhh, thanks for the nomination! Love you, too! PS We're going to put your shirt in the mail this week. With C getting sick last week, I totally got behind.

lilyvalley said...

I LOVE the new blog - it is so cheerful! One're going to have to put Robbie's birthday in some other color than blue on the left side b/c with the new colors, the background is also blue and you can hardly see it.

Robyn said...

It looks great! Congrats on the award!

Trish said...

ooh.. Good catch, Lily. I'll go fix it now!

Glad you guys like it!

Two Hands said...

Thank you so much for nominating me!
Putting together stuff for Robbie's NICU birthday bonanza right now. I can't believe it's so soon!
I wish I could give you a giant bear hug...

Valerie said...

The new look is great! Congratulations on your award too.

rbarenblat said...

Thanks for reposting the poem. It comes from a collection called "Through," which is available for free online and also as a chapbook (printed at cost, $4.82 per copy). You can read about it here:

Laura said...

Thank you so much for the nomination. I'm always thinking about how amazing it is that I have made such good friends whom we've never met. I love the new blog look. It's beautiful and the brightness is refreshing. It's a new year and new beginnings.

El said...

Trish, the blog is beautiful! Mandy did a great job! You guys collaborated well. Love it!

Rachel said...

I love the new design - it looks great!

Jenn said...

LOVE the new design!!! :)

Me said...

I think your new design is really nice.

Adriane said...

I absolutely love the new look. Very cheery, very now. :-) Rock on!

Georgy said...

I love the new look!