Friday, August 26, 2011


Well, he failed.
His hearing test, that is. Again.
Not really the news I was hoping to get today, but that's how things go, I suppose.

The question is what it means. There's some debate over whether he could actually hear and just not cooperate or if he genuinely couldn't hear. I, personally, think it was a little of both. He passed all the sections involving human speech, but when it came time the tones, he failed all in both ears.
The tones they were using were a bird & a train. I'm not sure that was the best way to go because both of those actually excited him and he kept saying "Mommy! The choo-choo is coming!" "Mommy, it's a birdie!" as we all stifled our chuckles. By the end of the very long hour, he was telling me that the orange choo-choo was coming on the train tracks. At least he has an imagination.

The thing is that I have noticed that he seems to have trouble hearing some things at home. If the TV is turned down kinda low (I can hear it fine, but it's quiet) he'll tell me it's broken and then cry if I don't fix it. But he seems to be able to hear us whispering just fine, and can hear sounds far in the distance just fine. I didn't even realize I could hear a train from our house until he pointed it out one day. I had just never noticed the faint whistle blowing.

The ENT wants to do a sedated hearing check sometime in the next month (waiting for a callback from the audiology lab to schedule that) to see what it shows. Right now, he showed a "mild hearing loss" in both ears. If that proves true through the sedated check, then it "defintiely needs to be addressed." We really just hope he passes.

Honestly, I came out of the appointments feeling pretty defeated. I told myself 100 times that there are far worse things than mild hearing loss. Hell, we've faced far worse things than mild hearing loss. But it just isn't something anyone wants their kid to go through. And honestly the thought of trying to convince a 3 year old to keep hearing aids on is daunting. I KNOW that lots of kids do it and we WILL get through whatever may come, but right now it just seems overwhelming.

The rest of the day didn't go a lot better. I got Robbie to school only to be scolded rather rudely by the daycare directly for getting him to school right at nap time. She wasn't aware he was going to be late (I had told his teachers.) and was apparently pretty pissed about it. Well, considering I was already in a bit of a mood, it didn't go so well. I managed not to slap anyone or cuss them out, but I definitely said my piece before the day was done. (I actually left and called back because I needed to contain my temper before I responded.)

In the end, it may work out well. In what I think was an attempt at peace-making, we got the notice tonight that he's being moved to the 3 year old room as of Monday. There was some debate about whether or not he could go because he's not potty trained yet, but I guess it's official. He's joining his peers. I hope he does better with them than he did in the previous room, but I'm a bit nervous about it as I always am. I want him to be liked and accepted and to enjoy it.

Work was just kinda crazy. I literally walked in the office into the middle of a bunch of bickering and that lasted most of the day. I was in no mood to chat for most of the day, so I just kept to myself, but I had to marvel that the whole day sort of took a wrong turn somewhere for not just me, but it seemed like everyone around me.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better one. I have a peri appointment in the morning. I believe I'll be getting a number of labs to check on my body's function and will have a growth scan for the baby to make sure she's growing appropriately. I'm doubting I'll have all the results (except the scan) until Monday or Tuesday since I'm fairly certain I'll have the dreaded pee jug (a 24 hour urine collection) to fill as well.

I'm hoping that if those come back normal, though, that that will ease some of my concerns, though. Though I also worry that they will come back bad and anxiety will rule again. Only time will tell.



Heather said...

Eeek! Sounds like a rough day! Hope today is better.

Mrs.Spit said...

I'm sorry. Still praying, still sending love.

ggop said...

Very interested in what your audiologist has to say for Robbie's detailed exam. I often wonder if my son has an auditory processing disorder. Recently he's been crying whenever we try do therapeutic listening..

I agree, no parent wants to hear their child has any sort of hearing loss. But Robbie is verbal! Yay.

Sorry you had such a rough day and more power to you for controlling your temper and calling back with your feedback.

Searching said...

Bleh, not a very fun day. I'm sorry about the results, but hopeful that perhaps they aren't true and if they ARE, that there is treatment. You've conquered pretty heavy things so I know you will get through this. Praying.

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NoVaIrish said...

I'm sorry, Trish. Michael had the sedated test when he was about 8 months old. In theory, it's an "easy" process but seeing your baby put under is never easy. If you have any questions, feel free to FB message me.