Monday, September 26, 2011


Well, blogger just ate an entire post. That's frustrating, and it's really late, so I'm not going to try to retype the whole damned thing. It didn't even save part of the draft.

So here's the bullet points of importance:

  • 28w4d. More pregnant than i've ever been. YAY!
  • last week's labs were stable or improved. 
    • didnt get a protein level, but it was "stable"
    • liver enzyme (ALT) down to 54. Not normal, but much improved  
  •  Chello measured at 54% on monday.
    • peri happy with Chello
    • not happy with labs, confirmed modified bedrest
  • feeling much better, no swelling to speak of
  • BP up to about 130/80, but that's "normal" for me prepregnancy, so trying not to freak out
  • Robbie had his sedated hearing test on Tuesday
    • he can hear! 100% of all ranges and tones in both ears! 
    • also woke up from anesthesia well, yay again!
  • I'm well-read and watching too much TV.
  • Overall, happy place to be!
  • Blogger pisses me off 



Adriane said...

Great news!!! I'm so glad that Chello is doing well. Every week is huge, but every day is big, too. I know you know that. :-) Hang in there, girl!!!

And FABULOUS news about Robbie's hearing test.

AmbyLand said...

Wonderful news! I think about you every day. So happy to hear your babies are both doing great. I would come play games with you are something but we would probably get you guys sick ;) Heres to a few more weeks for Chello.

Bridie said... are TEN measly days away from 30 weeks. Can you believe it???

I mean, I know stuff can happen fast, especially with pre-e - but it's not outside the realm of high probability that you are going to see the 30's!

Catherine said...

So happy for so much good news in one post, except for the part where Blogger sucks. Glad you are getting rest and Chello is growing, keep it up, both of you! Thrilled for Robbie too.

Anonymous said...

HOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAY! This is great news Trish. xx Mel

Searching said...

Woohoo!!! Good job Robbie & Chello & Trish! Hang in there and I'll keep praying those labs improve with the bedrest!

A and W mom said...

But boo to Blogger. :P

Monika said...

Great news, yay!!!

Boo Blogger!! The least it could have done was plop the post in drafts if it was going to give out on ya like that. Grrr.

kcoleman said...

Yay! You are doing great! Good news on the hearing test too. Fantastic update.

Sarah said...

28 weeks, who-hoo!!

Rumour Miller said...

Congratulations on your milestone!

Amy said...

Hi Trish! Hope everything with Chello is remaining "status quo". I've been following your blog since Robbie was born...would you be willing to email me? I have a question I think you might be able to help with (IL IF Mandate).