Thursday, September 8, 2011


26 weeks, pregnant with Robbie:

Woke up.
Rolled over.
Groaned in intense pain.
Made the decision to call the doctor. Haven't eaten in days, this can't continue.
Called the doctor. Can you be here in an hour? Um.. sure.
Decided to skip a shower, will take one when I get home. Call in to work, definitely not going to make it in.
Arrive at the doctor's office, pee in a cup, get my BP taken. Nurse tries (but fails to) not to look alarmed.
Doctor comes in.
Preeclampsia. Go to the hospital. Now.
I cry. I beg. I plead. I refuse to believe.
I called my husband and (fail to) try to remain calm.
Friend comes to get me and drives me to the hospital.
Husband meets me there, I collapse into his arms. Neither of us can believe this is happening.
No tears, just shock.
Doctors, nurses, questions, IVs, words I don't understand. My friends and my husband stand looking on helplessly.
I'm still sure there is some mistake.
More needles, steroids for the baby.
Statistics, odds, more tears.
Lots and lots of praying.

26 weeks pregnant, baby Chello:
Wake up early.
Roll over, wait for pain. None comes.
Wait for the baby to move. Feel a kick. Smile.
Husband's alarm goes off, lay in bed with him and cuddle.
We don't speak, but we know what day it is.
Eventually fall back to sleep, wake up to the sound of the world's cutest three year old calling "mommy? Daddy?"
Retrieve three year old from his room, bring him to ours.
Three year old requests snuggles. Happy to oblige.
He tucks himself under my chin and pulls face downward to kiss him.
Pull the sheet up and he snuggles under them.
Starts to call the cat. "baby girl! come 'ere! where is she? She's hiding in the closet?"
I help call the cat until she comes.
Smile through my tears as he hugs the kitty.
Indulge a request for cartoons.
Get up, take my blood pressure. 120/70. Smile again.
Take son to school, discuss his progress with his teacher. "doing really well..."
Home to eat lunch and go to work. Never been so happy to have a regular day.


Deep Thinker said...

And we are so happy for you Trish! You're going to do this! You're going to have a full-term, healthy baby!

S said...

:)...Happy, happy day!!