Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hangin' on.

It is now after midnight, so I've made it through the day I got sick with Robbie. It was 25w5d when I suddenly had the most horrid "heartburn" of my life. I'd had an ulcer in my late teen years and I kept thinking "man, this is worse than THAT..."

I'd been doing pretty well anxiety wise, but then I got a little heartburn this afternoon. It's definitely up in my chest, even into my throat- quite clearly it's reflux. But no amount of Tums seemed to help and the anxiety crept up on me. Which just suffices to make the heartburn worse, of course.

I did redo my labs this morning. They took my BP at the peri lab- 125/70 and weighed me (down 4 pounds from the last time they weighed me, which was actually 12w) which made them happy. Then wrote the order for my lab draws. I then walked over to my OB's office and the tech there took them and my jug o' pee. (Walking around the hospital with a jug of urine was fun. My OB's office isn't actually in the hospital, just attaches by a walkway, so when I say 'walked over' it was quite a hike there and back. I got lots of funny looks.) So anything hinky that is going on in there will hopefully reveal itself with those tests- which I HOPE will be back tomorrow (but Thursday at the latest.)

I've been giving myself a pep-talk. God will provide. What is to be is to be, worrying changes nothing. We will get through this. I've taken my blood pressure approximately 437 times today (all fine) in an effort to reassure myself. I've talked to the baby a lot and told her how much I love her and to be safe. I even got the Doppler out tonight and just listened to her heartbeat and movements for a while. But I still can't shake the heeby-jeebies. I'm hoping that good lab results will help and getting through Saturday and still being both pregnant and not hospitalized will help.

Logically, we're so close that there is every reason to believe that will happen, but this week is just a nail-biter. This was also Robbie's first day in preschool, and Sunday was actually the 3rd anniversary of his home-coming from the hospital. It's just a big week. I'll be glad to see the end of it.



Anonymous said...

Sooo super glad that things seem to be going well. I know it's a rough week for you. Each day that baby is safely tucked inside is a blessing. A friend of mine is stationed in Germany with the Air Force and his wife was diagnosed with HELLP last night and delivered this morning, thankfully she was 36 weeks. I know they are terrified being so far away from their support system in a foreign country. Please keep them in your prayers to THE big guy! - Rachel :)

El said...

Trish, congratulations! I didn't realize you were pregnant again. I'm so happy for you. I know how scary it is, too. I'll be praying for you all!

Trish said...

Rachel- you've got it. 36 weeks is still too early!