Wednesday, November 28, 2007

14dpo & counting

I don't know what the hell is going on. I have now peed on $40 worth of sticks. They all concur that I am NOT pregnant.

Where is my period?

I have a consistent 13 day LP. I should have started yesterday. Not so much as a pink spot.

I know I ovulated. Not only did we trigger with Ovidrel, my progesterone was over 20.

My biggest fear this morning is that I was pregnant but my level so low that I'm doomed to miscarry again. I don't think I'm pregnant. I use FRERs. That would measure an hcg of 20.

I guess I'll call the doctor in the morning.

I am so frustrated!

--Trish, the girl with the fucked up body.

**updated about 10 seconds after I posted this. Okay, maybe more like an hour, but still.***
AF is here. I actually said "FINALLY!" aloud in the bathroom. Funny how 5 years ago I wouldn't have even noticed.


Carrie said...

Sorry. It's bad enough without our bodies playing tricks too.

Meghan said...

Sorry you're body was playing tricks on you there. I hate when it f-s with our mind...not fair at all

Meghan said...

Sorry you're body was playing tricks on you there. I hate when it f-s with our mind...not fair at all

Fertilize Me said...

i am sorry that your body is beating you up!

Yodasmistress said...

If she's gonna show, the bitch should at least have the courtesy to be on time!

JKH said...

I'm sorry your body put you in so much limbo. There's only 1 thing worse than a BFN...a BFN not quickly followed by AF.

Amy said...

Argh. :( Sorry, love. I hate that! It's frustrating enough for me; can't imagine how it is after this long of a battle with IF!

Jenn said...

I hate that bitch...on to the next cycle, huh?

Tracy said...

I'm sorry, Trish. I pray the next cycle is your BFP with high and rapidly doubling betas.

Anonymous said...


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