Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm it.

My first official tagging has occurred. Brooke actually tagged me several days ago, but I've been so wrapped in myself I just hadn't gotten to it.

Here we go.

8 Random Things about me.

1. My mom left when I was 2, and I was essentially raised alone by my father. He did remarry for a few years when I was young, but she was bat-shit crazy (no, seriously. She made Cinderella's step-mother look kind.) so it was really just us. My mom called when I was like 27, but turns out she was a wee bit crazy, too (though not nearly as bad as the stepmonster) so that didn't last long. I did managed to meet my half brother because of that, though. He's a nice guy.

2. I was tongue tied until my early twenties. It's a medical condition where a person's tongue attaches in the wrong spot in their mouth. The little flappy thingy under your tongue? Mine attached to the gums under my teeth. Apparently it's fairly common, usually is not attached the whole way but just a little bit in the front and is corrected (snip-snip) shortly after birth. Mine was completely attached. When I finally had it fixed, my dentist said he'd never seen one that attached before. Apparently my mother didn't want them to hurt me when I was little, so it was never done. It didn't affect my speech or anything, so it was no big deal. I just couldn't stick my tongue out. As a (sexually active) adult, that was a little annoying, so I had it fixed. Yes. It hurt. (I wonder if I'd have been a boy if she wouldn't have let them circumsize me?)

3. I met my husband online. Just in a random chatroom. I had dated boys from online before and had given it up. Too many fruit-loops out there. I was talking to him a long time. A mutual friend kept pushing me to go out with him. I kept insisting I was done with internet men. Then he asked me out & I said yes. 5 1/2 years later- here we are.

4. I can NOT sew. Not even a button. It's embarrassing. It seems simple enough, but for whatever reason, I can not get stuff to stay on. David does all our mending. Anything more complicated gets fixed by my MIL. Usually I just opt to buy something new. I can crochet, I'm fairly crafty, but sewing- Nope.

5. I make things leak. I know you think I'm exaggerating, but it's true. I have issues with water. Every car I've ever owned (except this one- YET) has had problems with the windshield washers. Either the lines break, or the wipers are possessed. Pipes in my house break. Even containers of liquid explode. It's like a weird mod-squad power. My best friend laughs at me. One time she was over and water started pouring out from under the sink. (A pipe screw thing had come loose.) He response was "Gee, I'm so surprised YOU have something LEAKING." One of the big reasons I built a new house was to not have to deal with crappy pipes. Within three months, my water basement was leaking (yes, they fixed it.)

6. If I wasn't married to a much more reasonable man, I'd have a whole house full of animals. I know you're thinking that I already do- 3 cats & a dog is plenty, but it would be worse. I'd have at least another dog. I've always been like this. As a little kid, I couldn't see anything hurt. I once got bit by a goose. My grandma chased it off with a broom and I sobbed for her not to hurt it.

7. My boobs are two different sizes. Like- drastically different. It's gotten worse after each of my pregnancies. Currently ol' right is in the neighborhood of a DD, and lefty is more like a G. This makes bra shopping difficult. Right now, I'm splitting the difference and wearing a DDD. But lefty is spilling over a good bit.

8. I really want to be a massage therapist. It was what I wanted to do when I was still in school, but no one took me seriously. My dad paid for most of my college (what wasn't covered in grants etc) and wouldn't pay for MT school, so I ended up with THREE associates degrees. It's a long story how it ended up that way, and the 3rd was actually an accident. (Literally- when I applied for graduation, the registrar called & asked me if I knew I had enough credits for a 3rd degree and asked if I wanted it. I, of course, said yes.) In our dream world, we have a couple of babies, and when they're old enough to be in school, I'm going back to school to be a MT. I can then work part time & still be home for the kids.

That enough about me?

I sure hope so!

Now.. Who to tag?!

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To these people-
Make a post with 8 random things about yourself. Theoretically, you're then supposed to tag 8 more people, but I gotta say, that's a lotta work! Perhaps you could tag a few.


Brooke said...

YAY!!! That was fun!!!

Jenn said...

I needed a swift kick in the ass to get back to blogging--thanks!

The Bugala's said...

Thanks for NOT tagging me. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. Sorry about your mom, and I cannot imagine how rough that would be.

I can't sew either.

Yodasmistress said...

"I once got bit by a goose."
This made me LOL. ;-)

I really think internet dating is where it is at. If I was single again that's the first place I would head! (Directly after the bar to drown my sorrows that my DH and I weren't together any more.)

Oh yeah, and the way you make things leak, I made electronics die. Seriously. I keep telling DH that there is a small green man that lives in my computer and starts bashing on the components whenever he senses that I am in dire NEED of the damn thing working. :-P

(Oh yeah, my random things are here.)

wanttobeamom said...

I met my hubby online too. I agree with yodasmistress that online is the way to go! It's a lot easier to weed out people in mass quantities... =)