Monday, December 10, 2007

Cycle 8 billion, Day 12.

In my charts, this is listed at cycle 18. There were a couple of months of charts before I bought ovusoft that were lost in a computer crash, so it's probably my 20th or 21st charted cycle. There were 6 months of "not-preventing" before that. The two pregnancies added time as well.

So we're at 26 months now, I think.

It seems more like 260. Or 8 billion.

Had my CD12 monitoring today.

Left ovary:
(2) 10mm

Right ovary:
(2) ~10mm
Possibly a 4th small one, but she was having trouble getting a good angle on it.

Lining: 5.8mm

They've decided to give me another 2 days to surge on my own and if nothing by Wednesday, I'll trigger Wednesday night & IUI on Friday.

I feel pretty okay with that. I usually ovulate around CD15 on Clomid. Friday morning would be pretty much CD15 1/2.

I just hope we have some sperm this month.

On the emotional front, I'm doing better.

David has gone out of his way to check in with me. He's made sure to take his vitamins, and he even managed to hit the gym one day w/o me. It helps a lot to feel like he's in this with me.

Tomorrow I have my pap smear with my GYN. It's funny that I dread it. I think it's mostly the sitting in the waiting room with 20 pregnant women. Wish me luck.



Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. I was waiting for an update. Good luck!

Meghan said...

for some reason the pap is the worse. It just seems so redundant to me!

Good luck with everything, glad the hubby is more on board

Fertilize Me said...

Those follies/lining sound pretty darn good to me!


Grats to David for staying on top of this and leading you a hand emotionall and physically

Fertilize Me said...
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Carrie said...

I absolutely know the feeling of adding up all those cycles, the pregnancies, the losses, the treatments and realising that you are still where you started. No progress. It is so hard to list it all.
I'm at the end of a cycle and I'm sure it's another bust and I'm tired too. You sum it up so well. The list is too long.
I really hope this one works for you. Surely there must be some good news on the horizon soon?

Will they have his eyes? said...

Good luck Trish. I hope there are no PG ladies while you're there.

Yodasmistress said...

I *HATE* the GYN's office!

I'm glad your DH is acting more like he's on the team now. That makes such a huge difference!

Diana said...

Good luck with the GYN, hoping there are no pg women there!!

YAY for David kicking it into gear!