Wednesday, April 11, 2007

15dpo update

Still no period. No cramps and really no bloating to speak of.

My temp was way down this morning again. 97.25.

The First Response Early Result HPT I took at 2am had 1 line. Not so much as an evaporation line.
The digital Clear Blue Easy I took at 8am concurred. "NOT PREGNANT."

You know, when I was pregnant in December, I used the CBE Digital and I loved seeing "PREGNANT" but today.. that "NOT" in front of it felt like a slap in the face. Somehow the absence of a 2nd line seems less........ mean.

Anyway, a brief history of my first pregnancy result.

14dpo morning: internet cheapie (IC) had what appeared to be an evaporation line as a 2nd line
14dpo evening: IC totally negative
15dpo evening: again with the "shadow" (David's word)
16dpo: bought some "real" tests
17dpo morning: CBE digital came up "PREGNANT" in about 30 seconds.

I blamed the internet cheapies for not working well, but maybe (Hope is going to bite me in the ass, isn't she?) it just taking a while to show up for me.

I have a lot of trouble getting OPKs to work for me (Of many brands) and I know I'm ovulation because my progesterone tests say so.

Hell, I know I ovulated this month. My 7dpo progesterone was 25.7. But where, oh where, is Aunt Flow? I swear that bitch is cruel.

Limbo sucks.



Nichole said...

Trish - I am so sorry! I have very screwy cycles, so I NEVER know when AF is going to show - I am sorry she is playing games with you this cycle

Amy said...