Monday, June 4, 2007

Monday update

I called the doctor. I'm very proud of myself. It even took me over 2 hours to get through (busy!)and I still did it.

I made the appointment for 9am, ran around work making arrangements to get off tomorrow morning and then at 5:30 tonight, the doctor's office called to reschedule for tomorrow afternoon.

(Sort of) Fortunately, I was having a rather annoying day and Bitch-Trish was in full mood and I just flat out said no. Not "oh no, I'm sorry, maybe we can reschedule." but just "No. That's not possible." Funny, they managed to find me an appointment at 10:45. This bitch stuff is fun. It worked out even better that way.

1) I don't have to be up as early.
2) I now get to see the doctor I wanted to see anyway.

I told them I didn't want to see "my" PCP. They told me I had to have permission from the old doc and the new doc to change but that I could see the PA. I was fine with the PA. All I really need is a referral, but you know how that goes. Having to have double permission to change seems dumb, but whatever. But since they had to reschedule, I get to see the "new" doc I wanted anyway.

Anyway, in other news. I spotted yesterday. For about an hour. A little heavier than "spotting" but not heavy. Bright red. CD23, it was. Anyone care to figure my body out? I would love to think it was implantation spotting, but then I recognize the foreign invader (hope!) and I laugh heartily. No spotting today, though. Who knows?

In other other news, a friend had a pregnancy scare. Not in the traditional sense but in the we-thought-we-might-want-one-but-now-that-we-did-the-deed-we're-panicking way. And I was okay. I didn't cry. I was fine. And supportive. I texted her as she was peeing on a stick. How's that for healthy? Yeah. Go me! Anyway, it turned out to be okay. Negative. I then informed her that her period would start within an hour. I was close. Less than 2. I've been known to pee on a stick, wipe from said peeing, and boom.. there's AF. She's a sneaky bitch, I tell ya.

That's really it for me. CD24. I'm somewhere between 9 and 11dpo. Not really sure. My temps and CM are at odds this month. And Ovusoft is completely perplexed. It finally told me today that even though it can't detect my O, based on previous cycles, it's fairly certain I'm infertile. (Ha.. little does it know..)

Oh, and I'm officially up to two metformin/day and I haven't died yet. Though that 2nd pill makes me sort of wish I would. It'll even out eventually, RIGHT? I'll continue to repeat the it's-all-worth-it-in-the-end matra. It's a good way to kill time until the next cycle. It's a little like meditation and I hear if I'd just relax, I'd get pregnant.

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Oh, Trish, how I love you!