Saturday, September 27, 2008



Now, I do feel a smidge of guilt for letting him sleep that long w/o eating, but frankly, I'd rather feed him every 2 hours for the entire rest of the day to make up for that lost feeding than to give back that sleep.

I slept from about 3 until 5. I fed him and put him back to bed. I spent another hour trying to get him to sleep on his own. I'd pat until he was calm, then sneak out. He's slowly work himself back up to upset and I'd start over. Finally about 6:30 I decided I was fighting a losing battle and got him up.

He was SO bright eyed and perky. It's hard to feel irritated when he's just happy as can be.

Since the sun was coming up, I opened the curtains and let him see the sun. I took him back to our room and turned on all the lights. (David wasn't out of bed yet, though his alarm had gone off. I got some perverse passive-aggressive pleasure out of turning all the lights on him.) I took his blankets off and let him lay out and kick a good long while. We played and talked and generally just had WIDE AWAKE time.

When it was getting close to time to eat, I stripped him down and changed his diaper. Of course, he managed to pee all over himself, so he got his clothes changed.

Basically I was just trying to wear him out.

When it came time to eat, I practiced with the nipple shield a bit and it worked. He nursed for about 15 minutes. Then he took almost a whole bottle. I don't know if that means he wasn't getting much from the breast (though he seemed to be swallowing) or what, but he was certainly full when we were done.

I held him upright for a half hour (I nodded off) and then put him on the boppy beside me. This isn't recommended sleeping, I know. Back to sleep. I know. I'm using the heart monitor as a crutch, but I was desperate. And it worked.

He ate around 8:15. He woke a couple of times and fussed just a bit, I don't think I woke up completely, just handed the paci and patted for a few seconds and he was back out. So was I.

I woke up a little before 1 and thought I had to be looking at the clock wrong. Then I thought I had to have remembered what time he ate wrong- maybe it was 9 and not 8?

I keep a chart of when he eats so I checked- nope, it was 8.
He'd slept 4 1/2 hours. And was still sleeping.

I got up and made him a bottle and then came to wake him up. He was cranky. That sort of "hey, I was sleeping, leave me the eff alone" cranky that I feel pretty much every day.

I tried to put him to the breast but that was a no-go. The bottle feeding didn't go the greatest- his reflux was acting up. You could hear him struggling to swallow milk down as milk was coming back up. It seems worse if I let him get too hungry and I felt bad about it, but in the end, I got most of the bottle down him and resolved to feed him again in 2 hours.

We're now in the recliner. He's half awake and peeking at me.

I feel like a new woman.

Thank you so much for your kind comments & emails. You literally made me cry.

I know something has to give, but I just don't know how.

I'm trying to work on the schedule. And I'll try the baby massage- I did learn some in the NICU but hadn't even thought to try it for sleep time. (Apparently I'm stupid.) He likes his bouncy seat better than most anything. I'll be glad when he really gets some better head control (he's doing really well in that regard, though.) because he REALLY likes to sit upright and I think using a jumper or exersaucer will be great for him.

As for David- we have talked. We've fought. His mom has talked to him. He just doesn't see it my way. He was better at the beginning of the week after he'd spent a day taking care of Robbie, but as the week has gone on, it's gotten worse again.

My plan is to make him do it tomorrow.

Wish us luck!


P.S. How 'bout some random Robbie pics are a reward for being so nice to me?

Moosies on my sleeper! They make me grow big and strong!


Kristin (kekis) said...

Thank goodness for little miracles. Robbie had a full belly and some sleep, and now everyone feels better!

He's getting so big & cuter every day!!

Darreth Renelle said...

I love reading your blog to see how Robbie is doing. I love to hear great news on the Robbie-front!!! And, really, could he be any cuter? You have got one good looking child.

Jody said...

I hope this doesn't piss you off, but David is really pissing me off! It takes two people to parent a newborn... two incredibly dedicated people who get up in the middle of the night, soothe fussing babies, sit up all night with them, etc.

The only way that we were able to get any sleep when the girls were that little was to do shifts... I was up with the girls from 8 pm to 2 am while James slept, and then he was up with them from 2 am to 8 am. They also pretty much entirely slept in Boppys or in our arms at that age. Sleeping with them was the only way to get any sleep during our shifts.

When they got a little older, we still co-slept but at least got to sleep together again!

But, seriously. He needs to cowboy up.

Lorraine said...

It is AMAZING how great a a few hours in a row can be! This is a hard time, but you'll get through it. That little guy is such a cutie!

AngelsAmid said...

I hope David is more help for you soon :( I love the pictures of Robbie- he's adorable and getting bigger!! :) I know it's rough right now but it'll get easier (you'll be giving me this same advice in a couple months) *hugs*

Jen said...

Trish, Robbie so freaking CUTE!!!! His clothes are starting to finaly fit him too! I hope things get better for you on the sleeping front and also, I really hope SOMETHING, ANYTHING finally hits David smack on the head and wakes him the bleep up. I know you push on because you have to, but sleep deprevasion is serious. I hope he takes care of Robbie today so you can get some sleep. I think you should make him get as little of sleep as you do and ask him how well he performs at work. Becuase your not just sitting at home all day....taking care of a newborns every need is HARD work...granted very rewarding work...but hard. I hope it all works out and you can get a co-parenting schedule going. Good Luck Trish, hang in there.

Jen Rooks

S said...

Gotta love a little sleep!! Glad you're in better spirits today. The pics are so cute!!! I agree with the pp about splitting time with the baby. We did that too. I know some can go without sleep but I'm not one of this...make that man step up to the plate and bat!!!

Me said...

He's gettin so big!