Thursday, November 10, 2011


Made it to 35!
Today was the busiest day imaginable for a bedrest momma who is technically doing nothing. Between visitors (whom I love, btw!) and my antepartum craft class, 2 visits to the peri center (they forgot to do part of my monitoring the first time), and a visit with Robbie & David tonight, I didn't have more than 20 minutes of down time all day until about 7:30. And then I took a very much needed nap.

Tonight is the first night that after everyone left and the quiet set in that I didn't feel empty and lonely. I guess that means I'm adjusting. Prayers being answered, for sure.

My pressures have been fairly consistently in the 150s/90s. That sucks, but I suppose for now, it's stable. No labs today except the monitoring, which went great. Baby looks good, fluid was almost 14, blood flows perfect. The u/s tech actually gasped at how chubby the baby's cheeks are now. No one has had a good look at her face in a while because she's been so low in my pelvis for so long. I spent some time on my head today to get her to move up a little so she cold get the blood flows, so we got to see her face a bit.

I have not started on BP meds yet. My OB didn't mention it at rounds and I was still so groggy when she came in (I had JUST woke up before she walked in) that I didn't think to ask. I'll ask tomorrow and see what they think. It is my OB's day off, so it will be a partner, but we'll see what she says.

My day nurse was pretty decent, just not overly friendly. She did make me smile tonight, though because she came in for vitals while Robbie was here and seemed impressed with him. He was pointing out all the letters of the alphabet in a book (The boy is currently obsessed with letters) and she was saying that he was doing things that her 6yo is doing now. I'm so used to people pointing out deficiencies?.... that it's pretty awesome when someone besides me sees how amazing he is.

I have the same night nurse that I had last night, but she seems a lot better tonight than she was. It might have helped that she was in while my OB was rounding and my OB was also celebrating my 310 protein with me and actually said something about my knowledge of my disease and such. Maybe the nurse works with a lot of people who aren't, and now that she realizes I'm not an idiot, she can stop talking to me like one. We actually had a really nice chat earlier. A friendly nurse sure does ease the dreariness.

Right now the plan is close monitoring and hoping to deliver pretty close to 37 weeks. My OB is fine with the peri's plan of pushing it closer to 37 than 36. She mentioned either the day before or the day after Thanksgiving. I like the idea of the day after Thanksgiving because that would give me an actual term baby, vs being a day shy of it with the day before. But logically I know that the difference of 2 days probably isn't going to matter much and I need to let go of MY plan and just accept God's.

Right now I'm focusing on a day at a time. Thirty five is a great step that I will celebrate. And thirty six will be even better.



Anonymous said...

sorry about the hospital stay but hoorah to 35 weeks! thats amazing!xx mel

Bridie said...

Yay for amazing boys!

Deep Thinker said...

Trish I am so happy for you! Hang in there - you'll be meeting Chello before you know it!

Anthony and Ashleys Mommy said...

I am so proud of you and your baby. You both are doing great! 35 weeks is AWESOME and will be such a different experience then what you had with Robbie. It was so nice to just hold Ashley in my arms and not worry like I did with Anthony. And you will have this with your little one.

p.s you should post a belly pic before he/she gets here!

A and W mom said...

Robbie IS amazing for sure. :)
I can definitely see why the day after Thanksgiving would be awesome--just that technically full-term thing and just being able to say "37 weeks" instead of "36 weeks 6 days" ... I will pray for that. :)

Catherine said...

So glad things are stable and Chello is doing so well. To those of us lucky enough to follow Robbie's journey, someone finding him amazing is no surprise. :)

cd0103 said...

Every day is a celebration! So cool!
Sorry about the hospital stay, but at least you are close to professionals if anything needs to happen in a hurry.

Searching said...

SO happy CHello is doing well! 35 weeks- flipping rockstar!!!