Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hospital day 2

It seems I'm here for the duration- whatever that duration may be.

My blood pressures have continued to be pretty crappy. Consistently in the 150s/~90.
The good news was that my 24 hour catch showed my protein down a bit again to 310. My OB was considering putting me on a low dose blood pressure med as long as my kidneys were looking okay to see if that could help me limp along a little longer.

Shes said that if the meds completely corrected my BP, I might be able to go home, but didn't seem like she thought that was likely. Tonight, the peri said I'm here to stay, period.

They both agree that I'm to deliver in the 36th week. She leaned towards early 36 weeks, he leaned towards later, but both warned me that I am day-to-day and we'll just have to see how it goes. If anything worsens, I deliver, period.

The day was actually fairly busy. David took the morning off and spent part of the day with me, then I had a visitor. Then a trip down to the peri center for a growth scan (baby looked great, measuring about 5lb 5oz) then back just in time to take a breastfeeding in the NICU class here on the antepartum floor. That was mostly 20 minutes of "how to assemble a pump" (a class I could have taught, obviously) and then another 2 hours of chit-chat with the other moms. My nurse had heavily encouraged me to attend more for the social aspects and because she thought the other moms would like to hear my NICU experience, so I went and was glad I did.

This evening another friend came by, and David brought my mother-in-law and Robbie up for a visit and my dad came by and we all had dinner in my room.

It was so good to see Robbie. He has handled everything fine so far. This morning he said on the phone "Mommy is in the hospital. Mommy have a baby!" and seemed to accept that. He seemed more confused that grandma, grandpa and mommy & daddy were all in this hospital with him than anything. When they left for the evening, he said "bye-bye mommy!" pretty cheerfully several times. I sobbed as soon as they walked out the door, but I was relieved he wasn't upset, too.

I don't expect I'll get to see him every day, but hopefully a few days a week, my MIL is going to bring him up after school for a little while. She's staying with him until I get home. We're incredibly fortunate she was able to do so. She does work but is taking a leave to stay with us while we need the help.

Keeping busy during the day was nice, but the quiet after everyone was gone was sort of deafening. My night nurse isn't what I would call perky. Definitely no chit-chat with her. She was pretty sour, honestly. When I asked her for my protein level and was happy it was 310 she was very quick to remind me that 310 is "STILL pre-eclamptic." I explained nicely that I was aware of that, but that's been normal for me since 26 weeks so while it's bad, it's stable and that's what I need for now. Instead of being understanding, she seemed more annoyed "well, I guess it's good we got you this far, then." So I celebrated alone. I suppose I should get used to it. Hospital bedrest isn't for the faint of heart.

I will do what I can to attend the approved activities (the word "activity" used loosely here..) during the day so that I am not sitting in bed wallowing all day. I'm focused on knowing that we're looking at 2 weeks of this and I know these two weeks are more important to the baby than to me or Robbie or David. There is no denying that the situation sucks, though.

Of course, it's the little things right now that make or break me. The maintenance man fixed my air conditioner today and I told him I was naming the baby after him. (Shh.. that might have been a lie.) David found a piece of German chocolate cake in the cafeteria that I'm hoarding for comfort eating at some point.

Beyond the obvious things (my son, my husband) that I miss, I miss my TiVo, my bed and my bathtub. My back is already killing me and I'm only 2 days into this. I'm grateful it's only a few weeks. One of the moms in the group today is 28 weeks with twins, has been here 4 weeks and is expected to be stuck here until delivery. And she has a 2yo at home. She wins the pain Olympics there for sure.

All in all, it was an emotional day, but I'm hoping to settle into a new routine soon so that the whole thing feels a little less surreal. Probably about the time this starts to feel normal, the baby will come and then our whole world will be turned upside down again. Though hopefully in a much better way.



Catherine said...

Oh Trish. ::big sigh:: I'm glad that you and Chello are stable, but I hate this for you both. Robbie is such a sweetie. Your family is in my thoughts, along with hope for better nurses and good labs. Hang in there, you've done such an amazing job so far.

A and W mom said...

Man, this sentiment keeps making me cry: "I know these two weeks are more important to the baby than to me or Robbie or David. There is no denying that the situation sucks, though." For sure. Sweet Chello, definitely praying that whenever you come out, you are fully developed and have the suck-swallow-breathe thing down pat so that Mommy gets an easier time of feeding this go-round.

Bridie said...

I'm glad Robbie is handling this well, so far! I was only in the hospital for 4 days before having Sam, but it was awful, especially due to the fact that I was in active labor (lots of pain) and strung up on meds that did nothing to stop the contractions. Gavin cried when he left each evening, and then I would completely lose it, one from seeing him go, and two from holding in the pain I was in so that he wouldn't see it.

35 weeks tomorrow right? I'd be willing to bet that no matter when you deliver at this point, Chello will only be in the NICU until you get discharged, if at all.

Deep Thinker said...

{{{hugs}}} Hang in there Trish!

Elise Ford said...

Hi Trish! I rarely comment but I've been following you for a long time - since 2007, I think.

I'm the mom of a 35 weeker. Unfortunately, my cervix was crap towards the end of my pregnancy so I had steroid shots @ 32 weeks and my son was born at 35w0d. And he was perfect. 6 lbs 8 oz....did not need any help breathing, did not spend a second in the NICU or special care nursery. He never left my side the entire hospital stay, nursed like a champ, and went home with us. The only issue he had was a bit of jaundice that cleared up with the billi blanket.

He is now 3 and has never had any health or developmental issues - hit all of his developmental milestones early or on time. So...while I would have loved to keep him in a few more weeks, it really was just fine.

Just wanted to tell you my story - even if little Chello comes today, with steroids on board, there is a very good chance he/she will be completely issue-free.

Oh, and I totally empathize with the hospital stay...I was there for a week @ 32 weeks and I was going out of my mind!!! I will be thinking of you all and keep you in my prayers.

Emily, Eva and Kerstin said...

You are in my thoughts too. I'm sending you all the good vibes I can. Take care and thanks for updating.