Saturday, November 12, 2011

Small improvements.

Started the day with much better readings then yesterday. My first two BPs of the day were well below 140/90. There was hootin' and hollerin' to be heard.

This afternoon, they were back up in the 155/98 range, but at least they stayed below 160/100 today. And tonight I had another 138/86 reading. The OB partner who rounded today said that as long as I'm getting some lower reading between the high ones, that's a good sign and we can keep truckin'.

The peri didn't have a lot to say today except for usual lecture about how if anything gets worse, the baby comes. Yeah, pretty sure they've mentioned that.

The resident actually rounded first. I told her right away that I have a cold because I could feel the headache coming and I didn't want everyone to freak out about it. It was not a BP headache, it was a sinus headache. She wrote orders for a half dozen cold symptom treatments even though I didn't necessarily need or want them. But at least they're on the books. Really, the worst of it at this point is the sore throat.

I got a flu shot and a massage today. The former was almost as pleasant as the latter. The massage therapist wouldn't use ANY force because she was concerned about my blood pressure. I was frustrated. I swear to you, Robbie could give me a massage with more pressure than what I got today. It was relaxing and I fell asleep, but of course, I woke up just as sore as I went to sleep. Five days in a hospital bed are not too comfortable.

Other than that, it was a pretty quiet day. I had no visitors save for Robbie, David and my MIL for dinner. There was no antepartum floor class today. The floor is 100% full and the nurses are busy, so I barely saw them, either. I spent the day napping and watching TV online, mostly.

Even my NST was quick today. The baby got active just as I got there, so I was in and out in 20 minutes- no jiggling or snacking or repositioning necessary.

Robbie is still doing well, though my MIL said he wanted to come to the hospital instead of going to school this morning, and as soon as they picked him up from school, he wanted to come here immediately. They stopped for gas on the way and I guess he was upset at the interruption. Of course, it's funny because when he gets here, it's like pulling teeth to get him to even acknowledge me. He's more interested in playing in the closet.

I am having a little bit of a hard time that when he's upset he's going to my MIL for comfort and not me. Usually I'm choice #1 but right now, she's his source of comfort. She tries to encourage him to come to me, but he'll cry for grandma instead. I know it's only natural. Probably some part of him feels like I have abandoned him. But it still makes me sad.

At this point, I'm still hoping to make 36 weeks. I don't know if it's going to happen or not. Who knows, maybe we'll make it to Thanksgiving week, but as all the doctors keep telling me (and keep telling me.. and keep telling me.. and keep telling me..) we're day by day now.

I'm just hoping that if things go sideways quickly, there will be time for David to get here first. Living 45 minutes from the hospital makes things pretty tense. If they decide I have to go NOW, I may be alone. I know we'll handle whatever comes, but I don't like that thought much. But David needs to be at home with Robbie sometimes, too, so staying here all the time just isn't an option.

Anyway, today was a better day. The best I can ask for now is another stable day tomorrow and then we'll worry about anything after that as it comes. Please keep up the prayers. I believe they are responsible for our small improvement today.



Searching said...

Yay for a relatively boring day! I am pretty jealous that they even offer massage! Hopefully you will have need of that next week. :) Keep on truckin' and I'll keep praying!!

Trish said...

Yeah, Searching. It's pretty nice that it's offered. They have a whole program for the antepartum moms called "While You Are Waiting" and it has some really great things- that's one of them.
You pay out of pocket for it, of course, but they come to your room.

A and W mom said...

Oh, I hadn't even thought about David maybe not being able to be there. :( Something else to pray about!
LOs are so fickle. There will be times I'm away and Tom says the boys are begging for me and then as soon as I come in they're like "Mommy who?" I can totally picture Robbie playing in the closet. ;) I remember when he and Will and Alex were doing that in your hotel in Indy! :)